Karan Wahi makes music video debut

Karan Wahi makes music video debut

The video, also featuring Avantika Hundal, talks about how love isn’t situational

Karan Wahi

Actor, anchor and dancer Karan Wahi says that the many hats he wears have sharpened his skills and moulded him into a better performer.

Karan has for the first time acted in a music video, ‘Akhbaar’ sung by Arko Pravo Mukherjee. Karan takes time off to chat with Metrolife about his latest music video, hosting ‘Dance India Dance’ and more. 

What made you accept ‘Akhbaar’? 

The video portrays normal emotions that happen in everybody’s life but what makes it stand out is the way it has been narrated. It takes you through a story that, somewhere, tug at your heartstrings. Videos with a story always leave behind an impact. 

How did you prepare for the role?

There was no extreme preparation. Anybody who watches the video will understand the simple emotions narrated in it. You will notice that the girl’s doubt of whether she can live up to his love comes out strong. The guy’s love and emotion remain unshaken. The video shows that situations may change but that doesn’t change the love for someone. 

Was it easy for you to portray the emotions? 

The director did a great job in guiding me through the character and that reduced my job to almost half. 

How was it to host ‘Dance India Dance’?

I learnt a lot. You have to be extremely talkative and outspoken to be a good anchor. The anchor is not just your host but your biggest entertainment quotient. You have to understand and respect the emotions of the participants and judges to be able to pull off a smooth show.  

You have played a comedian in most of your earlier projects. How has that helped you? 

It may look easy onscreen but comedy is the most difficult thing to pull off. The perfect timing for comedy is an action and a reaction to that action. You don’t always have to be the one cracking the joke. It could also be a team effort. Being a comedian has strengthened my anchoring skills. 

What medium of entertainment gives an actor the most mileage? 

Every medium has its own strength. Not everybody gets a chance to go to the theatres, so they end up watching films on digital platforms. This gives one a chance to watch their favourite shows over and over again.

Television is the primary source of entertainment in most Indian households. Having said that, I must add that the digital medium is here to grow. 


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