Low-key spooktacular time this year

Low-key spooktacular time this year

Halloween celebrations go virtual, thanks to the pandemic

October 31 has been celebrated as Halloween in most parts of the world for many years. It has become a commonly recognised celebration in India too, especially among the younger crowd, living in apartment complexes and neighbourhood communities. 

The Celtic tradition normally involves the famous activity of dressing up in scary-looking costumes for trick-or-treating, this year, in the light of the pandemic, people are doing things in a different way. 

While some are sticking to watching scary films, others have opted out of trick or treating and are meeting in small groups at home for dinner and a movie.  

For Shreya Narayan, Halloween is not the same since the pandemic hit.

“I dressed up as Wednesday Adams from Adam’s Family,” Shreya says, explaining that in high school dressing up as a character was how she celebrated this tradition.

This year, she plans to wear a costume again, but only to meet her college friends virtually.

College student Zain usually tricks or treats in her apartment complex with her friends. This year, she plans to dress up, and meet a few school friends at their houses.

“We’re going to a friend’s house to watch a horror movie,” she explained.

Sanjana also goes trick or treating in her neighbourhood but she’s just meeting a few friends and sharing chocolates and candy that they plan to buy themselves this time. 

For others, the pandemic has not affected them much. Roheet Bose is not a fan of trick or treating, and usually spends his Halloween watching a horror movie with a friend or with his family.

His Halloween plans will remain the same.

For Yamini, a college student, dinner and drinks with good friends is adequate celebration.

Halloween trivia

Halloween dates back to 2,000 years ago. It was started by the Celtic people of Ireland and parts of France. The tradition of dressing up in costumes comes from when Celtics would don clothes made from animal skin to scare of phantoms. 

Trick-or-treat started around the 9th century, when poor people went to wealthy people’s houses to receive food. In return, they had to pray for the souls of their wealthy hosts’ deceased family members.  However, by the 1800s, Halloween became a friendly community activity. In the 1950s, trick or treat became a phrase associated with the activity of going door-to-door and asking for candy.

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