‘Masala Coffee’ is an all-time favourite band: Praveen

‘Masala Coffee’ is an all-time favourite band: Praveen

The actor, who is a music aficionado, says the band’s video song for his film has garnered much attention

Praveen Tej

A video song ‘Manase Maye’ from the upcoming film ‘Mundina Nildana’ is trending on YouTube. Holding the 29th trending position on the video platform, it is now a favourite of many, including actor Praveen Tej who plays a lead role in the film. 

The actor found the song mesmerising. “There are seven songs in the film and this is one of my top choices. The lyrics, it’s visuals and even the choreography is amazing. It is trending on YouTube and has bought a lot of attention to the film,” says Praveen.   

Praveen loves listening to music and ‘Masala Coffee’ is his all-time favourite band. “The group has great musicians in it. There are several songs by them that I listen back to back but ‘Kaanthaa’ is a top favourite,” he says. 

The actor will be seen playing Partha Shrivastav, an engineer whose true love is photography. He says that his character represents the millennials.

“I play a lead role along with Radhika Narayan and Ananya Kashyap. My character is a true representation of today’s youngsters. Most people will relate to the film because of the storyline and the characters,” he says. 

The film shows Partha’s life from when he was 26 to 32 years old.

“The movie represents several phases of everyone’s life. The audience will see Partha as a young, happy individual to someone who is frustrated with certain happenings in life. Any professional would be easily able to connect to the story,” he says. 

Praveen vouches that the film “talks about Partha’s past, present, and future.” 

Having been a part of the project for a year, Praveen feels great that ‘Mundina Nildana’ is getting its due attention. “Though not much about my character is revealed through the song, it has got the industry people talking. Many are saying that the film looks promising,” he says. 

‘Playing Partha was not easy’

“My character is shown across age groups. It is easy to show changes in looks but everytime a shoot schedule changed, it was quite challenging for me to slip into the age bracket. Playing Partha was not easy.”