Music has power to connect with people: Niti Mohan

Music has power to connect with people: Niti Mohan

Neeti Mohan’s latest song ‘Khul Ke Bol’ talks about the importance of discussing sexual reproductive health, malnutrition and more

Neeti Mohan

Ace singer Neeti Mohan has been roped in as a cause supporter for MTV Nishedh and has lent her voice to the title track of the show, ‘Khul Ke Bol,’ penned by popular lyricist Manoj Yadav. 

Neeti feels music is a powerful tool that can be used to change many things like perceptions about reproductive health, spacing of children and malnutrition among other things.

In an interview with Metrolife, she voices her concern about a host of issues and more.

How important is it to discuss sexual reproductive health?

I think we really need to talk and discuss the issues that are considered taboo, all the more when it comes to sexual reproductive health. There is a need to talk about it because if the awareness is not right and the right information not imparted, it can lead to wrong decisions and then sometimes irreversible incidents in life. I think the youth is very sensitive and that time of your life is extremely sensitive. It is important to make it happier and more positive.

Do you think urban dwellers spare a thought about child spacing and the importance of the same?

Whenever I am around my friends and family, I see people talk about a lot of issues, including child spacing as well. It is very healthy to have a conversation like this and a lot of people in the society have opened up and do talk about it, but there are also people who are not talking about this because they are being told that this is not the kind of topic that you discuss, it just happens. And this is exactly what we want to change.

Malnutrition is a much-debated topic but nothing substantial is being done about it? What prompted you to be associated with this cause?

Education about nutrition, education about healthy mind and body is given right from childhood. I think it is extremely important for women to have good nutrition because they become mothers, they deliver a baby. Eating right is very important. Nowadays, we are living in a junk food era where we have to tell our kids to not just buy any packet and pick up any canned drink and make that a habit.

What is the way forward to overcome the stigma attached to these issues?

Definitely shows like MTV Nishedh are the way forward because wherever this show will be playing, the youth will watch it and learn from the stories. They learn a lot from whatever will happen to the characters. This show gives one a definite message on these issues. It tells you what you should do and what you shouldn’t. I feel that this is the beginning of reaching out to people who need this information and awareness. 

Have you used music to convey these issues to the audience?

I always say that music has an incredible power to connect to people. The title track of this show is doing just that. It is encouraging people to say things that they want to say and not keep it in their hearts and also become bold about their choices and take the right decisions. Through music, you can communicate about so many issues and feelings and we want to bring people together.

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