‘Mysore Masala’ touches upon magic of the cosmos

‘Mysore Masala’ touches upon magic of the cosmos

Producer- director Ajay Sarpeshkar is all praises for his cast, which includes Anant Nag and Prakash Belawadi

Ajay Sarpeshkar

A fascination with the great unknown combined with an affinity towards adventure and mystery is what prompted software engineer-turned filmmaker Ajay Sarpeshkar to direct and produce ‘Mysore Masala’. He believes that this film may make people think about concepts like what seeded life on earth and the exploration of the cosmos. The film is ready for release.

In an interview with Metrolife, Ajay talks about the making of the film.

How was your experience as a director?

This is my first feature film and also the first time I am working with stalwarts like Anant Nag and Prakash Belawadi. The excitement and fascination of creating something from scratch was so strong that my inexperience did not hinder me. It is a learning process and I am grateful that I got to learn from some of the best in the industry.

Has the movie shaped up according to your expectations?

I love what we’ve created as a team. Ultimately, it’s the audience for whom it is intended. Their experience of watching the film will be what I will take away from this. Will have to wait and watch.

Could you list two interesting moments while shooting for the film?

Watching Anant Nag and Prakash Belawadi execute their roles better than anyone can imagine was a delight to watch. The sheer insight they have about the human psyche and the expression of it is unparalleled. Another special moment was celebrating my birthday on the set. I am usually shy, so this focus on me from all the cast and crew, especially Anant Nag, on my birthday, is something I will surely remember.

Could you talk about Anant Nag and what you liked best about him, considering he has been around for long?

His presence on the set lights up the experience of filmmaking. He is knowledgeable, extremely insightful and thoroughly invests in his role. What I loved about him is that he deeply thinks through his character, which brings an astonishing amount of sincerity to his acting. He is extremely professional.

How was it working with the younger stars?

It was an interesting experience to work with veteran actors, with a lifetime of experience, and young and energetic youngsters together. Kiran Srinivas, Sharmiela Mandre and Samyukta Hornad are such different personalities and so very unique. Their views on life, acting and communication is refreshing and has helped me grow as a person. Kiran has strong views about the world, Samyukta is all heart and Sharmiela is extremely professional and ready to handle any challenge.

What were the challenges you faced during the shoot?

The biggest challenge was wrestling with my intuition and my insecurity after knowing it’s my first feature-length film. You tend to second guess everything, especially when you are not a black and white person and tend to be comfortable with the grey areas. Then there was the tussle between experience and courtesy. There was a tendency in me to fight to not give in to their opinions and sensibilities. Another big challenge was that I wore two hats, that of a director and producer. It had its advantages, but it also added to the inner fight of balancing a minuscule budget with the grandeur of the vision.

What message do you intend to send out through the film?

I want the film to touch upon the magic of the cosmos. To let the audience imagine the limitless possibilities of what could be out there in the endless sky. To spark and motivate the younger curious minds to explore science, technology and most importantly, to dream big!