On My Pinboard: Bryden

A versatile guitarist, Bryden, of Bryden-Parth, started to pursue music as a profession while in college.

It was his association with the Bengaluru-based rock band ‘Slain’ that established his signature style in the rock music scene.

Bryden was conferred with ‘Best Metal Guitarist’ at the Rolling Stone Metal Awards (2010) and ‘Guitarist of the Year’ at the Jack Daniels Annual Rock Awards (2010). 

Apart from the guitar, he is also an expert at playing other stringed instruments like banjo, ukulele, bouzouki.

The artiste is also the founder of the city-based choir ensemble ‘The Choral Riff’, for whom he handles vocal arrangements.


Quentin Tarantino

“I admire Tarantino’s filmmaking style. There is so much shock value in his movies; I love it.”



“There are too many favourites for many reasons. On the cultural front, I love Rajasthan; I am overwhelmed and fascinated by their culture.

If it is just to relax, then a beach destination would do. The Maldives is one of my favourite places in that regard.”


Journey (rock band)

“80s hard rock era is my favourite. I am a fan of bands ‘Journey’, ‘Whitesnake’ and ‘Van Halen’. I admire the sound, the way the music and vocals were treated. They wrote catchy tunes, and it borderlines the pop genre, which I love.”


Ambur biriyani

“Biriyani is life. My favourite kind keeps varying; currently, it is Ambur biriyani. In the recent past, I have driven to Ambur twice just to have the biriyani.”


“I am a fan of biographies and autobiographies; the stories inspire me. But it has been a long while since I read a book.”

Richard Lewis (father)

“Watching my dad doing his work is what inspires me the most. He is a workaholic and gets everything right. 

On a broader spectrum, I admire people, could be friends, family etc., who excel at what they do.”


Bryden-Parth and ‘The Choral Riff’ will perform a pop jugalbandhi concert on August 3 at 7 pm at Algorythm, Forum Shantiniketan Mall.

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