Pairing food and beer

Pairing food and beer

Know how to complement your beer and food

Beer is one of those drinks that can either bring people together or create separate groups. Nevertheless, there’s nothing better than a chilled beer and delicious food to go with on a hot day. 

And with Bengaluru being the brewing capital, there’s no doubt that we have plenty of beer lovers here. 

But do you know there are certain key elements to making beer the best thing? Yes, the food you pair with the type of beer is very crucial to elevate your drinking experience. 

Over the years, food pairing has become a trend that many take to. From amateurs to experts, there are several gatherings that happen to learn the taste, flavours and notes that go well with a particular drink. 

Not too many think what the pairing is like with beer. It’s naturally believed that spicy or crunchy food is a match made in heaven. While that’s true, different ales speak a different language. Perhaps with the right kind of food to go with it, you’ll learn to appreciate the drink more.  

The basic elements to remember are sweetness, bitterness, acidity, fruitiness and richness. Think about pairing beer and food with the rules of three ‘C’s — contrasting, compliments and cleanse.  Whether you’re devouring a deliciously hot spicy chicken curry, biryani or paneer tikka, these three C’s will determine the way your palate taste the two components.  The ideal pairing, by contrast, is when you select a beer or food with one strong, dominant flavour. This will help the hero dish shine without its taste being overpowered. Try this out and you’ll understand the balancing flavours of bitterness and sweetness, acidity and sweetness and crispiness and richness. 

We, Indians, love our spicy flavours. To many, a mug is beer is incomplete without it. So when you’re complementing the flavours, one of the simplest ways to make it successful is to share common flavours and characteristics. 

It’s important to know that beer is also a palate cleanser. It has a unique ability to reset the palate through bitterness, alcohol and carbon dioxide. If you’re looking for this type of beer pairing, look for a menu that has a strong or overpowering flavour, mostly our spicy Indian food or fatty fried food.  Keep in mind that it also works in the opposite way. The fatty food, perhaps some deep-fried fries or crunchy nuts, can cut through the bitterness of the drink. 

Popular beer and food pairing recommendations

* A light lager is crisp, smooth and carbonated which goes well with your BBQ chicken or fish and chips.

* Indian pale ale with a classic burger, chicken curry and biryani.

* A creamy cheesy risotto with cider will bring alive the flavours.

* Pair porter with rich chocolate-based desserts. 

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