Perfect colours for the season

Perfect colours for the season

From shades of blues in dresses and hair to living coral, there is plenty to choose from

Pantone’s colour of the year, ‘living coral’, is a vibrant yet mellow color, which is the perfect way to go dressy without catching everyone’s eyes.

With the scorching sun just cooling off and all fashion weeks wrapping up, one can surely take inspiration from all the mix and match of colours and prints. But pastels seem to take the centre stage through the whole season with a touch of warm tones.

Mango mojito, toffee, and some darker greens like terrarium moss and pepper stem gave fashionistas those aforementioned autumn vibes, but one cannot deny their sophisticated charm. The most definitive of the Spring/Summer 2019 runway colours is yellow, of course, which showed up in the form of aspen gold, pastel yellow, turmeric, and lemon verbena. 

Monsoon is the accurate season to organize a cheerful wardrobe and dress up in fashionable ‘blue’.  The right choice of fabrics and accessories to match up the monsoon season is necessary to look trendy. Shades of blue, when combined with neutral colours will make you step in style.

Bright shades of blue are the must-haves for the monsoon season in garments as well as in accessories. Your jewellery must match up with your garment selection. Blue is the right colour to sport this season and looks good on everyone. So, why not revive the blue colour trend with matching the garments dressed in with the jewellery paired along? And there is always a shade of blue for everyone, whether it’s your hair or your outfit.

Being a powerful colour, a little bit of red in your designs can go a long way. Imagine what you can achieve with a lot of it!

Red was seen as the colour of blood and fire by our ancestors, further being associated with love, passion, energy and strength. But it is most commonly associated with joy and well-being. With a little bit of red, one can surely gather some attention. The best part is that there is a shade of red for every skin tone and occasion. From plum red to fiery red, one can go from a girl next door to a diva in a full red outfit.

Talking about colour trends would be incomplete without mentioning Pantone’s colour of the year. Looks like in 2019, there will be a lot of ‘living coral’, which is a vibrant, yet mellow coral colour. It inspires warmth and comfort, optimism and joy. A coral is perfect way to go dressy without catching everyone’s eyes, if you like the subtle breezy look.

Corals can be teamed with neutrals, or one could go complete opposite on the colour wheel with an out and out fun look. Accessories in these shades are a sure reminder of the summers keeping one warm in the rains.

Another summery shade on Pantone’s palette is ‘turmeric’, although this semi-neon orange is more fiery than the Living Coral. Described as ‘an enlivening orange that infuses a hint of pungency onto the palette’, this colour packs a punch and is best confined to one key piece in an outfit for the faint of heart.

However, if the one piece is a flowing midi dress, one can have the best of both worlds with this warming outfit. This colour can go from being bright or subtle depending on the fabric; a blouse in the turmeric shade will brighten up a gloomy rainy day when paired with an olive green trousers. Or add a touch of this shade in the piece of accessory you decide to carry.

(The author is a fashion designer)