Popular dance crew wins hiphop event

Popular dance crew wins hiphop event

Popular dance crew wins hiphop event

BFAB crew at the Breezer Vivid Shuffle after their win.

The BFAB crew is a dance powerhouse, they’ve won multiple national level competitions and represented India on a global stage. Founded in 2012 by five Chennai based dancers, the crew has managed to stay relevant in India’s dynamic dance scene. 

We spoke to Ravi Varma, the only founding member who is still with the crew, to get a behind the scenes look at what it takes. 

“We have and will always be led by our passion to achieve something through our love for dance,’’ says Ravi.

He speaks of this as the guiding principle of the crew, who are fresh off their win at the Breezer Vivid Shuffle 2019, India’s biggest hip hop dance competition, 

They currently have a crew of over 30 people. They hold auditions every year, a dance audition first, those selected will then undergo a three month training phase.

“The training helps us see who will be a good fit for us, we function more like a family than a crew. It’s our job to make sure the new members have the same values” says Ravi.

Those who pass the training have to sit for an interview, after which suitable people will be selected.
Ravi says that dancers are not allowed to smoke or drink if they want to be part of the crew and that their practice sessions can go on for 12 hours; from 4pm to 6am. “This requires a highly motivated and passionate individual, which is why the selection process is so rigorous,’’ he says.

Many of their dancers have other sources of income and are with the crew solely as an outlet for their passion. But for those like Ravi, for whom dance is everything he has
set up a dance school, where they get an opportunity to teach their craft professionally. 

Ravi stopped dancing with the crew two years, he has passed on the mantle to someone else.

He hopes this cycle will continue and BFAB will always exist as an outlet for those passionate about dance.