Prithviraj banks on gut feeling to choose films

Prithviraj banks on gut feeling to choose films

Prithviraj plays a father in suspense-thriller ‘Nine’.

You can expect the unexpected when it is a Prithviraj film. Very choosy about his roles, the actor has successfully steered his career in the direction that he thinks is the best for him. 

Prithviraj plays a father in his latest release ‘Nine’. It is a suspense-thriller that stands out for its gripping narration and unusual characterisation. 

The film is also a Prithviraj Production and is Sony Pictures’ maiden venture in the Southern film Industry. 

In an interview with Metrolife, Prithviraj talks about his character and the making of the film.  

What made you choose ‘Nine’?

The story has elements of science fiction with a sprinkle of horror. It is a story about a father and son, but its dynamics are unusual. When the core plot begins, you realise that they are both fighting their own battles, which is juxtaposed against the backdrop of a huge global event that spans nine days. What happens in the course of these nine days forms the crux of the film. 

How was it to play a father on screen for the first time?

I have a young daughter, and I think that I am good with kids. Alok (the child actor in ‘Nine’) is a truly professional actor and is surprisingly mature for his age. Our shooting conditions weren’t ideal for children. There were times when we shot through the night and would sometimes start work at 3 am. Alok would be ready on the sets whenever he was required. He has done a stellar job. 

What makes ‘Nine’ worth the watch? 

The story is set against a backdrop that is very new to the Malayalam film industry. The narrative is very visual, and the story is relatable, engaging and in many ways entertaining. 

‘Lucifer’ is your debut directorial. Is it complete? Did you always want to get into direction?

I finished shooting the film, and the post-production is on. It’s a drama set against a political backdrop. I always wanted to direct a film, but couldn’t find the time amidst my acting commitments. Now, I finally made the time for it.

You are now in a space where you can choose the films that you want to do…

The biggest takeaway from my career is that I can choose the films that I want to work on, and make sure that it is shot the way I want it to be. I hope that I can do this for as long as I am in cinema. This is an ideal scenario for any actor.

Did you always plan your career moves? 

Most of my career moves were never planned or analysed. I am very instinctive when it comes to choosing my projects. I choose projects that have the ability to hold my attention.

You are one among the very few actors who haven’t been stereotyped. 

When I listen to a script, my character and what I do is not my top priority. I look at whether the subject is engaging and if it deserves to be made into a film. It’s the larger picture that matters.

Ever contemplated working in the Kannada film industry? 

I have been offered several projects, but I found nothing that excited me enough to take it up. But if something like ‘KGF…’ comes my way, then I would certainly consider it.