Priyanka’s film is an ode to constables

Priyanka’s film is an ode to constables

Priyanka Upendra

The posters of actor Priyanka Upendra in a cop’s uniform in ‘2nd Half’ caught everybody’s attention ahead of its release. The actor says that she felt a sense of pride and responsibility every time she slipped into the uniform. The film released last week and Priyanka likes to dub her character as an ode to women constables in the Bengaluru City Police. In an interview with Nina C George, Priyanka talks about her role and more.  

Did you watch the first day, first show?

Yes, I always make a point to watch the film with the audience because that’s where you get to feel the pulse of the people. The audience has been appreciative of my role. Many said that they found the second half of the film very engaging.  

What was it like to play a cop? 

I have always enjoyed doing different roles but I never thought of myself as a cop. I discovered that my body language and emotions would automatically change every time I wore the cop’s uniform. The stick and cap, that I were given to me, added to the charm of the character. I felt connected to the role and also experienced some amount of power and authority.

Why do you call the film as an ode to women constables? 

Most of the groundwork and running around are done by constables. But it is a thankless job. Their contributions make a huge difference and I feel they should be recognised for their role in the police force. 

What is the turning point in the film?

My job as a constable is to observe the CCTV and watch out for something unusual. The film becomes interesting when she discovers a crime and begins to follow it. The film shows how she uses her skill and intelligence to crack a case. 

What kind of research has gone into your role?

I watched a couple of YouTube videos and interacted with the women constables at Banashankari police station to get an insight into the work and life of women constables. Since there has been no movie about women constables so far, I have had to pay extra attention to my character. I also made sure that I got a proper understanding of how they dress, body language and mannerism.  

What did Upendra have to say about your character?

Upendra has always been very supportive. I discuss my projects with him and he constantly encourages and pushes me to do different things. He always tells me not to worry about the success of the film, but to just keep on working.