Put a ring on it

Put a ring on it

A guide to the rings women wear for different occasions.

Cocktail rings enhance the beauty of your outfit as they go with any attire.

Rings always have a place in your accessory stash. It is one piece in the jewellery box that always remains in rage. There isn’t a woman in this world who doesn’t have a ring or several of them in her treasure chest. A symbol of love and social status, rings are also a fashion statement.

From the dainty stackable rings to the bold cocktail rings and classic ring bands, there are umpteen styles to choose from. It not only adds beauty to your entire look but also adds glam to plain-looking hands.

Here are some tips to style your fingers as per the occasion

Cocktail rings

These are rings topped with oversized gemstone or a unique statement motif, which has been a hot trend for a very long time. These are a definite conversation starter and perfect to be adorned for an evening, upping your glam quotient by leaps instantly. Be it traditional function or a party, cocktail rings enhance the beauty of your outfit as they can go with any attire.

Dual finger rings

They can be minimalistic or elaborate. The best part of these rings is they fill up your hand with the centre part floating just above the middle part of your hand. It’s a great sight for the viewer and the wearer. It’s a piece that goes with all kinds of party outfits.

Stackable rings

Stackable rings are light-weight and ultra-feminine. These minimal yet striking flex rings cater to the fusion fashion sense of the contemporary woman. It adds class and lends an extra edge to the entire look.

When flaunted well it can take you from the new day-to-night look effortlessly. A striking understated fashion statement, they also make perfect stacking partners as they can be worn as midi rings as well.

Ring bands

They are of two kinds - one that goes all around your finger and the other one that covers only half; the eternity bands are the one ones that go all the way. They are called ‘eternity’ as there is no end to the string of diamonds that bind the finger.

It signifies the eternal love of the man for his woman. Bands can be thin or broad, and they add sparkle to your fingers. It’s also a good way to add sophisticated glamour to your personality.