For Radhika’s films, it’s Dubai and Manali

For Radhika’s films, it’s Dubai and Manali

Radhika Chetan

Radhika Chetan is flying high and there is no stopping her. The actor is currently at Manali shooting for ‘Chase’ and is excited about her soon-to-be-released film ‘Hottegagi Genu Battegagi’. In a candid chat with Tini Sara Anien, she shares her excitement about the film and more.

‘Hottegagi Genu Battegagi’ seems to today’s movie. Tell us more.

The film is about today’s untouched dynamics. ‘Hottegagi...’ discusses live-in relationships, talks about my character’s relationship with her partner and her mother and so on. I play Shravya, a confident and independent corporate woman who knows what she is doing and doesn’t let anyone push her around. This is a depiction of modern Indian woman. 

What according to you is the highlight of the film?

The director has tried to subtly talk about a lot of things in the film. The film will definitely leave one thinking about it, even after they walk out of the theatre. 

The film comes right in time when the Supreme Court has held live-in relationships as recognised by the Legislature...

It’s our good luck that the film is releasing at such a time. What is the point of being married to someone and not being emotionally connected to them? The film talks about commitment and how it matters a lot, be it between a married couple or two adults living together. I think this news will also create a buzz and curiosity among film buffs. 

The film seems to be the first Kannada film to have scenes shot in Burj Khalifa...

We shot a scene where a corporate meeting is being held at the building. We have some scenes from Dubai’s skyline too. It was an exciting experience, it was the first time I went up the building too. I still get excited when I see Burj Khalifa WiFi on my phone.  

How was it to shoot with Anant Nag?

I still remember how Anant sir came with his script to the sets and I didn’t have mine with me. I was cringing inside, seeing how he was eagerly preparing for his scene despite being an actor with such skills. It was phenomenal to work with him. From making me comfortable in every scene to teaching me varied things, he was a great mentor. 

How is Manali treating you?

It is really cold here. We are here for a song sequence. Around 80 percent of the shoot for ‘Chase’ is done. The movie is progressing well and the director seems to be really confident about how the movie is shaping up.