Rudrakshipura is a suspense-thriller

Rudrakshipura is a suspense-thriller


Actor Roopika is excited about her role as a gemologist in ‘Rudrakshipura’,  which hit the screens on Friday. The movie which aims to be a family-entertainer is a suspense-thriller.

The actor in a candid chat with Tini Sara Anien sheds light on her role and the movie.

Tell us more about the film.

The movie will entertain everyone while it will keep everyone on the edge of their seats. The film revolves around a diamond and where it came from and tries to tell a unique story. 

What is special about your role?

I play the role of Amrutha, a gem expert. I am an artist who likes to explore interesting characters and this was a good break. The role is of a responsible and mature person and I had a lot to do in the film. I have been able to explore myself as an actor. 

The best part of the movie is that I am performing classical dance in the film. I am a trained bharathanatyam dancer, have performed at 3,000 stage shows and it felt great to perform in front of the camera. I choreographed that bit too. 

Did you do any homework for the role?

I had to go to a laboratory and study about diamonds. I learnt about how one can identify if the diamond is authentic or not. There are characteristics like carat, clarity etc, which determine the quality of the stone and I had to learn about that. It was quite exciting. I felt like I was back in school, when I was studying again. 

As a customer, one just buys the diamond after being engulfed with its beauty but I learnt that there’s a story behind each stone.

What was the most challenging scene in the film?

There was a scene where I had to conduct a class as a lecturer. I had to teach the actual professors from the laboratory who were experts in gemology about the nuances of gemology without laughing. 

Will this role will be a turning point in your career?

I believe that every film I have done has added to my journey. I have played varied characters and this was quite different. My role is very significant in ‘Rudrakshipura’ and adds to the twists and turns in the film. I am hoping that I have done justice to the role and the audience will accept me more.

A dream role...

I want to be a part of a mythological film. I believe that my experience in theatre and classical dance can be explored best in such movies. 

If you had to work in a remake, which one would it be? 

I would love to work in a movie like ‘Mahanati’, where actor Keerti Suresh got to explore varied shades.