Secrets unfold

Secrets unfold

Bengaluru-band Best Kept Secret is back in the city after its German tour.

City-based electro-pop band ‘Best Kept Secret’, a four member group consisting of Behram Siganporia, Jonathan Anand Wesley, Hemanth Diwakaran, and Abhilash, is at its excited best as they are just back after their Germany tour. The band’s music which has a slight touch of rock is a favourite among many music lovers.
Lead singer Behram Siganporia talks to Metrolife about the band’s recent Germany tour and their musical journey.

So you are a pilot-turned -rockstar? How has the journey been?

I studied to be a pilot but I was barely flying in India. I had a lot of time on my hands then. The band was initially formed for a one-off show but we ended up playing at small pubs in Bengaluru, which led us to bigger clubs and venues across the country. Now, I’ve put my career as a pilot on hold and I am focusing on the band’s dream of releasing an album and touring the world.

Tell us about your recent German tour.

Germany is an amazing place. The country is beautiful with amazing people and the crowd was incredible. They aren’t a very populated country but people really go out to support artistes and musicians. We were shocked to see the turnout for our show. I was so excited that I decided to jump into the crowd and crowd surf. In addition to the shows, we did radio interviews and even performed live on radio with a German band called Erpfenbrass.  

How is the audience there different from here?

The audience there takes a keen interest in the artists. They knew the words to our songs and they sang right through the show. We even played some unreleased music for them which was well received. There isn’t much difference between fans there and here. We noticed that people enjoy English music as much as local music.

What is your opinion about the current music scene in Bengaluru?

We’ve been traveling a lot abroad and outside Bengaluru so we haven’t really been affected by it. I haven’t heard much about it but I believe that there are several music venues in the city where live music cannot be played. These are venues which have hosted live bands for years so I hope the issue is resolved soon. Live music is a form of expression and Bengaluru really enjoys its live music scene.

What was it like to perform at Shiro, Bengaluru?

Shiro is my favourite place in Bengaluru. We played for the fourth anniversary of Studio 54 Nights. We were very thrilled and it was very exciting to come back home and perform there.

A personal favourite among your songs.

I love all our songs. Every song has a special place in my heart. We started writing songs four to five years ago and we’ve been playing them regularly. It’s almost like picking your favourite child, you can’t really pick ‘one’.

Your songs ‘Can’t Let You Go’ and ‘Moving On’ are often requested on Germany’s radio station. How does it feel to be recognised in a foreign land?

We put our heart and soul into every song that we write and create. Being an independent band, we don’t usually have marketing budgets to promote our music. But we are blessed to have fans who spread our music across borders. It’s a great feeling to hear audiences sing our songs at our shows. We are happy that we have the opportunity to play music for people across the world. We could do this forever.

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