South Indian fare with a twist

South Indian fare with a twist

Secrets of Bangalore is the perfect place for someone who wants to get away from the bustling city. The restaurant located in Rajarajeshwari Nagar is a spacious and uniquely decorated four-storey space. You’re encouraged to walk around and explore the space while waiting for your food. 

Best frequented in the evenings, it is lit up by LED and neon lights and decorated with multiple bird cages and even a vintage car.  

The restaurant champions south Indian cuisine, with multiple local favourites from each state. They also serve north Indian, Asian and continental fare. All their dishes have a subtle twist in terms of presentation or the introduction of an unusual flavour, all while remaining authentic in taste. 

We started with the drinks, two cocktails and a mocktail. ‘Accidental encounter’, with a vodka base and ‘Southern charmer’, with a rum base. The former has flavours of citrus with an overpowering taste of cardamom, the latter had a mix of kokum and orange but was dominated by curry leaves. The mocktail, ‘Wake up my friend’, was a mix of berries, herbal syrup and red bull. 

We moved on to Bruschettas for our appetisers. Four options of toppings were available, we went for the olive, fig, artichoke and caper one. There was a good balance from the sweetness of the figs and the sourness of the olives. Next we had a dish from the Indian options - ‘Dahi ke kabab’. The hung curd dish was packed with chopped peanuts and was very enjoyable. 

Moving on to the non-vegetarian fare, we tried the ‘Hen’s egg roast’ which was a Kerala style egg served on porotta and the ‘Kori sukka’, a typical Mangalorean style dry chicken dish served a neer dosa base.

The quantity of both dishes were generous and they tasted very authentic.

For mains we had their ‘Biryani sampler’. The dish had three types of biryanis, Kolkata, Awadhi and Donne. Out of them, Kolkata biryani was the most flavourful.

The other two were very mild, the Awadhi biryani especially would have benefited with some more spice.  

The desserts were the star of the show. ‘Chocolate and Berries’, garnished with whipped cream and chocolate chips, was perfect for the not-so-sweet tooth. It did have a strong sourness from the raspberry. ‘

Warm white chocolate jalebi churros with boondi vanilla ice-cream’, was a very interesting dish. The churros were served with warm white chocolate as a dipping sauce. The churros sprinkled with powdered sugar and filled with white chocolate were served with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream. It tasted divine and we couldn’t help but go back for more. 

Secret of Bangalore is located in Shakthi Hill Resorts, RR Nagar. For table reservations call: 076187 29489.

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