Style it right this festive season

Style it right this festive season

From sparkly nudes to bold reds, there are many options for you to choose from. In garments, well-fitted suits and oversized jackets are some of the trends to watch out for

While red, gold and green are usually the trending colours during Christmas season, city-based designers say that this is no more the case. Men and women are now experimenting with colours, styles and accessories to deck up for this festive season. Metrolife spoke to a few designers and found out the top picks...

Classic hues make a comeback

Fashion guru Prasad Bidapa predicts the return of classic tones such as gold, nude and black. “All these colours are sophisticated hues which have a flattering look. They create a subtle impact which brighter colours cannot achieve,” he says.

While one can accessorise in the same colour as their outfit for a classy monochrome look, Prasad also adds that this is the perfect time to bring on the shimmer and shine. “A bit of sparkle adds glamour to any occasion; it can be as little as some shimmery eye shadow or lip colour,” he says.

While men can opt for perfectly tailored black suits with a white shirt for a timeless and stylish look, woollens are not to be forgotten this season, says Prasad. “A light cashmere shawl or unlined evening jacket is a good choice for women. Since most men will be formally dressed, a jacket should take care of the cold, he adds.

Red is still hot

According to designer Manoviraj Khosla, the colours of this season are red, maroon, brown, copper, deep pink, black and white. “Nothing beats red for Christmas; it’s also the hot colour this season. Red jackets or maroon for men and red dresses for women will be stylish picks. For New Year, a copper brown suit would be great. Men could even try a black and white combo,” suggests Manoviraj, adding that one could wear a light thermal vest under the clothing. “A wool or leather jacket also works well,” he says. Embellished or embroidered shoes are a good choice for both men and women.

A-line dresses, jackets in vogue

The holiday silhouettes popular among women are A-line and shift dresses. Babydoll dresses and pencil skirts paired with frilly blouses are also sought after. Designer Namrata G says dhoti pants for men and fringes, ruffles and polka dots for women are trends to watch out for. “For men, a well-fitted classic suit can never go wrong. Other popular choices are jackets with pencil fit trousers,” she says, adding that colours such as marigold, bright green, orange, silver and ash grey are favourites.

Tara Aslam, who specialises in Khadi, finds that people are gravitating towards more free-flowing silhouettes. “Looser and billowy dresses seem to be something that people are seeking out. In terms of colours, we’ve had customers pick yellows and greys,” she says.

Keep it simple

Women should ideally keep their accessories simple, with one as the focal point. “Opt for outfits in solid colours and pair these with small clutches. Big hair, akin to the sixties style, is also trending. In terms of makeup, make sure that it’s either your eyes or lips that are loud; not both at the same time,” says Namrata G. For men, glossy shoes with ankle-length pants make for a great combination. She feels that men shouldn’t overdo their hair either. “Don’t use too many products for it. Brush and groom your beard well,” she adds.

Red as an accessory

Designer Paresh Lamba says that while people usually lay more emphasis on red, it’s changing now. “Red doesn’t have to be the main garment, it could also double up as an accessory to the main clothing. I’ve seen people going in for a mix of olive and red or fuschia pink with red,” says Paresh. “Many women are now going for jackets, sometimes over-sized ones. They accessorise it with high boots and it ups their oomph factor,” he adds.


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