Variety is yoga’s new asana

Variety is yoga’s new asana

Aparna Pathak doing aerial yoga.

Bengalureans are forever looking for ways to enhance their well being. With World Yoga Day here, Metrolife lists some innovative yoga forms now catching on in the city. Go on, try them.

Hang in air

For those who like challenges and are rearing to try something new, Aerial Yoga is just the thing you’re looking for. Considered a perfect exercise technique for backaches, this form provides a lot of support to one’s back. 

Aparna Pathak, an aerial yoga trainer says, “Many tasks are much easier when doing it in aerial yoga. Doing a headstand through aerial yoga is much easier than doing it by itself. One could reap all the benefits of a headstand without taxing oneself also here.”

One can do most ‘asanas’ with aerial yoga but it works with one’s spine and core, which is from neck to the hips. “Anti-gravity works with space which makes the experience different compared to how they are on earth. Lying in a hammock and doing relaxation exercises compared to doing them on a floor is different. One connects to their childhood and the sub-conscious helps one to relax more,” she says.   

Requisites: One can do aerial yoga everyday, ideally early in the morning, before food. Safety is important thus it is important to get a good gear to practise the form. Even if your instructor checks the hammock, one should check it themselves. 

Don’t do: Someone who suffers from vertigo or has acrophobia should be careful while practising this form.

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Ema Trinidad doing Face Yoga.

Face your stress

Facial exercises to make one look younger and stress-free is mostly what Face Yoga is all about. 

Ema Trinidad, a spa owner has been in the face and aesthetics industry for almost 20 years and she brought the concept to Bengaluru a while back.
“When one does Yoga they will find that there are some ‘asanas’ for the face. I incorporated all those exercises together for the face,” she says.

It can be practised by people of any age. “One doesn’t have to wait for wrinkles to appear to start. The younger you start the better. Just select the appropriate ‘asana’ for your face,” Ema says.

Requisites: One can do it anywhere, even when in the middle of traffic. Initially, a beginner has to do it in front of a mirror so that one can isolate the specific muscle you want to work on. It’s better you do sessions when your face is clear and you’ve applied a moisturiser. Five to 15 minutes with a face massage along with meditation is advisable.

Don’t do: There is a proper way of doing face yoga. Doing it the right way is a requisite, else one could end up with more wrinkles.   

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A seated spinal twist by Manish Pole.

Do it at a desk

Sitting is considered the new smoking, so if you’re a professional who spends hours in front of the computer, this form is just for you. Manish Pole from Total Yoga brought this concept to Bengaluru a few years ago. At most companies he went to take yoga classes, there wouldn’t be enough space for the sessions and the employees wouldn’t be dressed for the sessions and they would refuse to take a break despite the allotted time. “This is how the whole concept came about. Many corporate companies hire us to teach this concept to their employees as it is profitable for them,” he adds.

Requisites: Eye exercises, stretches and breathing exercises, combined into a 3-5 minute session at intervals, is enough to spark up one’s routine. 

Don’t do: Do not try the exercises if you have cervical spondylosis or a chronic condition. Checking with a yoga teacher or doing a one-on-one consultation is the best way to go.   

To register for a class, call 97409 80200. 

Ashwin (second from right) tickles his disciples to good health.

Laugh it out

Keep calm and laugh it out. While most experts say that starting off young with this format is the best way, Laughter Yoga is a go-to Yoga format perfect for any age.

Ashwin Patil from Dhyaana School of Well being, says, “Dr Madan Kataria was doing research about why people were not just getting cured by medicines. He understood that curing is not just about chemicals working but how one feels within the mind. Healing happens when one’s mind is involved in the process. This is when he experimented with laughter, which became a movement.” 

He points out that ‘laughing on purpose’ was formulated and has spread amidst 200 countries. “When one is looking for something to boost their well being, something beyond well being is laughter yoga. One doesn’t have to move; all one has to do is just laugh and let the endorphins do their magic. It is similar to a runner’s high!” he says.

Ashwin says that just like many other laughter experts, he reminds children to keep laughing. “From 5-year-olds to any age, laughter will add life to one’s years,” he says.  

Requisites: A 20-minute session done in an open area like a park, where one breathes in fresh air, is the best way to explore laughter yoga. 

Don’t do: Someone who has a very weak heart should not try it in an exaggerated way. Anyone who has had a major surgery around the abdominal area should also try a mild laughter yoga session. 

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