‘We need to respect the sacrifices of freedom fighters’

‘We need to respect the sacrifices of our freedom fighters’

Bengaluru filmmaker makes a music video about the significance of the freedom movement and its relevance in today's era

Gouri Srinivas

Bengaluru-based filmmaker Gouri Srinivas has collaborated with various artistes from India to create ‘Alakh’. A Hindi musical concept video, it is a tribute to the Indian freedom fighters. In an interview with Metrolife, Gouri, the founder of ‘Lychee films’, speaks about her inspiration behind the project, the impact of music on her life, and more.

What inspired you to create ‘Alakh’?

I was inspired by Subhash Chandra Bose’s words “Tum mujhe khoon do, mein tumhe azaadi doonga.” The music video is based on the same words and theme. The song and video speak about the significance of the freedom struggle and the Independence Day.

Which artistes did you collaborate with?

I started by composing the song, writing basic lyrics and zeroing in on the message I wanted to convey through the song. Then lyrics writer Vidya Krishna penned down everything I had in mind, and she it did so beautifully. The music for the project has been composed by Debolina Ghosh and Saurav Dey. Finally, Anuradha Bhat and Ravindra Soragavi brought the piece together with their soulful singing. The music video also features many talented actors.

What message do you want to convey through this project?

We have a duty towards our country and its freedom — That’s the message I want to send out. Our freedom fighters sacrificed their lives for us and we shouldn’t let that sacrifice go to waste. We need to respect their contribution and take our responsibilities towards our country seriously. 

A still from the music video.

What are your views on using music for social causes?

Music is the only, true universal language. Anything communicated through this medium with good rhythm and beautiful picturisation can touch hearts and minds. That is how strong the impact of music is.

As a creator, I feel it can be used in so many positive ways to deliver the right message. Be it about (saving our) culture, empowerment of women, or a campaign against child labour, everything can be conveyed effectively through music.

What are you working on next?

I’m working on the screenplay for a children’s film now. So far my focus was solely on Lychee Films and ‘Alakh’. The project was special to me, and I look forward to doing more work like this.

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