What it takes to be a good runway and print model

Runway models must have a relaxed walk, almost like they are walking down the street but in style

For all those aspiring models, here are a few points that could help you make it big in the runway and print modelling industry. The two streams require different types of grooming.   

Here are a few pointers for aspiring runway models:

 - Fitness: Don’t compromise on fitness and follow a disciplined routine.

- Stay well-groomed at all times: Boys and girls must make sure that are
well-groomed at all times. A nice haircut, clean nails, regular manicure and pedicure are indispensable. Always carry a good deodorant. 

- Walk in style: Boys have to have a relaxed walk, almost like walking down the street but in style. You can’t afford to be stiff and need to walk with long strides and a straight posture. Girls also need to throw long strides and interact with the camera. 

- Watch your wardrobe: Boys must always stock a pair of slim formal pants, fitted blue and black denim, black and brown shoes and belts. Girls must always carry high heels in black, gold, silver and nude. A little black dress is indispensable.

- Make-up does magic: Boys need minimal make-up but girls must learn how to do their base make-up. They must also pick and choose products that help protect and nourish their skin. 

Some basic rules to follow for print modelling 

- Get a good portfolio: Have clean pictures more like polaroid’s where your face, features and body is clearly visible.

- Concentrate on grooming: Skin care is important for print modelling because the details show in the picture. Regular facials, face packs and keeping your skin hydrated help in bringing on a natural glow. Wear sunscreen and avoid getting sun burnt. 

- Get the right pose: Try different expressions and body language in front of the camera and don’t get frozen.

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