What to wear on your first date

Designer Jattinn Kochhar says that simplicity is the best option; avoid big logos and too many colours

Good shoes can reveala lot about yourpersonality and completeyour overall look.

You are on your first date! She seems like a great person and you want her to know that you are a stand-up guy.

Once you have settled on a time and place for the occasion, it’s time for you to figure out what are you going to wear.

Impressing her with an outfit is not a substitute for a great personality, but it makes a good impression.

Rule 1 is to keep it simple because simplicity can never really ever go out style.

The trick here is not to change your whole style for a single night, but to ensure that your pieces blend well together.

Simplicity is about avoiding extremes.

It’s good to be a little conservative on the first date. Once you get to know the person a little better, you can start showing the risky side of the wardrobe.

This applies to shirts and sweaters. Stay away from anything too tight or revealing. This applies irrespective of your body type: wear something comfortable.

Here’s what else you should or shouldn’t wear

One quick step to looking classy is to avoid t-shirts with beer, sports or rock group logos.

You don’t want to come off looking like a frat boy who indulges in booze and sports all day.

So cut out the “adolescent mode”; say no to big logos or flashy lettering. Just stay away from a top with a big logo or flashy lettering. 

But if you, in fact, are a t-shirt guy, wear plain black, grey or white. Plain t-shirts are stylish, simple and basically go with anything you have in your wardrobe. 

Try to keep the colours to a minimum. For example, if you wear a black tee, make sure you have a black belt and black shoes. 

That way, considering that your pants are a different colour, you will just have a total of two colours.

Good shoes are also a must on your first date because they can reveal a lot about your personality and complete your overall look.

Keeping them clean and polished should be a daily habit, especially on the day of your date.

Being simple on the first date also consists of keeping accessories to a minimum. Remember: it is the person you prove to be during the conversation that matters, not the bling.

Make sure your hair is well-groomed and your face is freshly shaven. 

This cannot be stressed enough: clean your nails. The last thing you want is to have her staring at your dirty nails throughout the whole conversation.

A neat and clean appearance is a guaranteed bonus.

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