White is the colour of the season

White is the colour of the season

Canvas sporty shoes go well with white.

Summer is here and so is the heat. While every colour in the rainbow is yours but white soothes you like none other. The trick
is to learn how to carry it off.

White can be made to appear attractive just like any other colour. It all depends on how intelligently you style it. Wearing white in different styles is very flattering and fashionable.

Here are a few styles that women can consider in white.
You have dresses in tube, ruched, wrap, ruffles and cold shoulder. There are also pantsuits, jumpsuits, ponchos, sloop tanks, rompers and skirts. These can be looked at as independent identities or you could even team it with other garments to enhance the total value of the outfit.
The key is to match it right. You must know and pay attention to your shape and which style compliments it.

Here are a few pointers to keep in mind when you choose to go with white: 

Strike the right balance 

There is cotton modal blend, cotton lycra blends, cotton voiles and linen. Breezy and breathable fabrics are the way to go. White shoes tend to make your feet look bigger and can also visually ‘chop up’ your leg and make you look shorter. Try open white strappy stilettos, flat sandals, wedges and canvas sporty shoes -- these are good options. Choose shoes that elongate your silhouette.

Always wear nude coloured undergarments

Be careful where you put your white. Don’t wear solid white on your largest area or trouble spots because it would appear bigger. Instead, opt for white monochromatic ensembles or wear white on smaller body parts. Use white to accentuate a good figure. 

Accessorise intelligently 

You should accessorise based on the look you are trying to achieve. You can either wear white and gold, white and silver or white and black for simplicity and elegance. For those daredevils, red, yellow, green, black, purple and even pink can be an option but surely not all at the same time. White looks best when accessorised with one colour.