Who is saying what on social media about #MeToo

Who is saying what on social media about #MeToo

Rakhi Sawant

Here are some interesting comments about #MeToo movement trending on social media.

Norm Macdonald, Canadian comedian and writer, said he was “happy that the #MeToo movement has slowed down a bit.” He came under severe criticism, and eventually apologised.

Henry Cavill, the actor who played Superman, also makes it to the list for being uninformed. In an interview with GQ Australia, he said he was afraid of being called a rapist or predator just for flirting. Clearly, he doesn’t know the difference between harassment and romance.

Kavita M put out a picture of Manmohan Singh and tweeted, ‘I was harassed, dominated and treated like a slave for 10 years by an Italian lady who married into a powerful Indian family. She still continues to keep me as her pet puppet. My soul has been badly abused. #MeTooIndia.” With 55,000-plus followers, this NaMo supporter is smirking at a campaign that has succeeded in exposing big names in media and entertainment.

Memes circulating on social media are trivialising the movement. Doctors (‘he spanked my bottom as soon as I was born’), boyfriends and husbands have been the target of these jokes.

Rohini Iyer confines women to cleaning and housekeeping. “What #MeToo needs is more real women addressing issues and less fake feminists ‘discussing issues (when they should be cleaning up their own house first).’ Talk about female misogyny and stereotypes. 

Reacting to the claims, Rakhi Sawant made a controversial statement yet again, stating that Tanushree Dutta is out of her mind for making allegations about Nana Patekar. In a press conference, she openly stated that Dutta was getting too much attention only because she speaks English. 

Another outlandish remark or rather a response was given by Alok Nath, one of the people named in the #MeToo movement for being a predator. He stated, “It must have happened, but someone else would have done it. Now that the matter has come out it will be stretched.”

Replying to a tweet by GAURAV PRADHAN about employment for women, a twitter page called the ‘Men’s Rights Activist’ tweeted saying, “ Sir I and all my family members have decided never to help any female, never to sit near them, never to book seat in a vehicle near them, never to hire any female, never to go to any shop or place where females are present coz we are now afraid of females. #mentoo” 

Abhijeet Bhattacharya also made some disturbing remarks about allegations against him. He made multiple tweets and stated that it is the ‘fat and ugly’ women who are making these claims. These tweets got numerous negative responses, like stating that he needs some strong medicine and that he is getting cheaper by the day.