Why ‘me’ time is important

Why ‘me’ time is important

Out of her vacation mode, chef Amrita Raichand reflects on how we are slaves to our everyday routine and must spare time to build ourselves

Summer vacation is over and many kids are back to school. In contrast to their whimpers of reluctance at being forced back into a school going routine, I can’t but help a little smile from emerging on my face. I am secretly happy that I can finally get back to my own routine, which then leads to guilt that quickly checks my happiness! 

In an echo from a few weeks ago, I take to my pen after I see my son off at the bus stop. Have we become a slave to our routines? I think I definitely have.

And as unnerving as that should be, I must sheepishly confess that I am guilty of being dependent on my child’s school calendar even for my daily routine. I think I’ve gone a step ahead and perhaps changed my entire career so that I could be around him especially when he got back from school. Of course, in my case what helped was that I was passionate about cooking so becoming a chef seemed like killing the proverbial two birds with one stone!

The move wasn’t without its moments of self-doubt. What if I wasn’t a good cook. What if I had ended my promising modelling and acting career just because I didn’t want to miss out any ‘mommy’ time! Well, technically nothing earth-shattering would have happened; but yes, the sense of financial independence I feel today, the exuberance that I experience every time I crack a delicious yet nutritious recipe, the satisfaction that I feel writing an informative article are some of the ‘perks’ that I would’ve definitely missed out on. 

The point I am trying to make is while we should look at the mirror and tell ourselves that we are great mothers, we should also take control of our lives and march to a rhythm that we set for ourselves. While many important people and activities impinge on our lives, we should be mindful of investing in ourselves.

Do carve out a small part of those fourteen hours that you are awake to do the things that will, in fact, make you even better at discharging your many responsibilities.

So what could you dedicate your ‘me’ time to:

Meditate and exercise: Even if it’s just for 20 minutes at home.

Cooking: Could be just a simple smoothie which you think it’s good for you or even a ‘no heat required’ snack to pair with your cup of tea/coffee. 

Reading a book: But not at bedtime as it will likely put one to sleep after a long tiring day, but you can do that if it works for you. I give reading a special place in my day for at least 20-30 minutes. We all spare time to watch TV or shows online, we do right. So, why not spare time for reading? The knowledge gained through reading is immensely beneficial.

(The author is a television personality and chef)