Would love to play negative roles: actor Ashwin Rao

Would love to play negative roles: actor Ashwin Rao

He will next be seen as Salim in 'Dear Sathya', which is scheduled to release in February

Ashwin Rao Pallakki

Like most of us, actor Ashwin Rao Pallakki is also eagerly awaiting the next year, with fingers crossed. He has a couple of films that got stalled during the pandemic, which are now all set for release. Known for his role in ‘Kirik Party’ and ‘Katheyondu Shuruvagide’, he is now exploring varied characters in the upcoming films.

In a candid chat with Metrolife, Ashwin reveals more about his projects.

How has 2020 been for you?

2020 is the year that the entire world will be talking about, for a long time. This year has been tough with some ups and crazy downs for the majority of the world’s population. It was no different for me. It’s been a confused, tough, soul-searching and self awareness year for me.

You have multiple releases lined up. Are all the roles diverse and different from each other?

I am feeling blessed. The projects lined up are ‘Yuvarathna’, ‘PP’, ‘Dear Sathya’ and ‘Jackpot’. All the roles have its own beautiful essence and is very different from one and other. I am thoroughly enjoying portraying all the roles.

The audio of ‘Dear Sathya’ released recently. Will the film release soon? Tell us more about your role and film.

‘Dear Sathya’ should release in February. It is a special movie for me, I play the role of Salim. He is a very jovial and friendly supportive character. When you watch the movie, you will surely connect with him.

Every role is a challenge in itself and playing Salim was different. There was a lot of body language and accent that I had to work on. I had to work towards adapting to the character’s style and making it look natural. I have put my heart into it, I hope the audience appreciates the role.

Any memorable incidents from the sets?

Ha ha ha! What happens on the sets, stays on the sets.

Do you ever worry about being offered more character and supporting roles than a lead one?

Not at all. I am an actor and any role offered to me, is given to me with the trust that I will be able to make a connect with audience through the character. I am here to act and do my job to the fullest. However, I am choosy with roles and I need to be convinced about a character to portray it.

What is the right mantra to be a perfect actor?

Be aware of your surroundings and the people in your daily life, observe everyone, be different yet adapt to things around with an open mind.

Kannada films are increasingly becoming popular for their content and variety. What are the kind of roles you want to be seen in?

To be honest, I would love to play negative roles. I believe that I would be able to bring out my best with such roles and the experience will be surreal. When one plays a negative role, and the audience starts hating your character, it means you have done a fabulous job.

Any directors who you wish to work with?

I want to work with Rishab Shetty time and again. Others that I want to work with are Rakshith Shetty, Suri, Prashant Neel and last
but not the least Mani Ratnam.

Will 2021 be your year? Any new films signed?

I have signed two new projects. As for 2021, everyone around the world is wishing that it should be their year... and I wish the same.

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