Clashing prints, earlier avoided, now trending

Clashing prints, earlier avoided, now trending

Clashing prints is darn scary - but if you use certain hacks, you can nail it for your epic outfit of the day. Mixing prints without looking like a hot mess can be a bit tricky -- these fashionable street style stars show how to do it the right way. 

When compared to donning a more muted, neutral pieces, wearing prints will undoubtedly make you stand out – more so, when you’re mixing different prints together. Hence, embrace the chance to be slightly weird and step out of your comfort zone. Dare to combine everything together in one outfit, such as stripes, herringbone patterns, leopard print and even fishnet stockings.

Pick a predominant colour

One way to make a multi-print look appear more cohesive is to have a single colour family tie the whole outfit together. For example; Pinks, mauves and purples, all hues of blue, the blue green range (turquoise, teal, blue mint). Be thoughtful of mixing lighter and darker shades together. Pair colours according to body type too. You don’t want this trend to make you look gawky.

Think of the shape

Another trick when combining prints is to think in terms of geometric shapes. For example, stripes tend to go well with stripes. Consider a look where the jacket and skirt both have circular patterns, just in different sizes. This would be a good combination as long as the colours harmonise. Match checks with checks and maybe even try asymmetry top to bottom.

Pair with basics

To avoid going overboard with the print mixing, it’s easier to start with two different prints in a look, such as leopard and plaid in the case above. Keep the rest of the outfit simple and
neutral with basics, like a plain white tee and a black skirt.

Play with contrast

For an unexpected look that will turn heads, pair items that usually don’t go together. Think of a sports-inspired jacket worn with a classic striped shirt, and finished off with a silver metallic skirt and eye-catching, bold red patent boots. It’s a statement alright and takes both poise and courage to pull off.

Mind your proportions

When your outfit is already loud with the clashing prints and cheery colours, it’s a good idea to take note of the proportions of the pieces. A crop top matched with high-waist pants is a silhouette that is sophisticated and always works.

Go all out
Fashion is meant to be fun, so also be confident enough to throw all rules out the window if that’s what you want. A printed suit paired with a printed shirt with tons of standout accessories? We say yes.

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