Go play in the rain

Go play in the rain

Appreciate the joys of monsoon with a host of activities

The sight, sound and smell of monsoon infuses freshness into everything. This season calls for celebrating the refreshing spirit of the rain to its fullest. Here are some fun and quirky ways to say goodbye to the gloom and instead appreciate the rain.

Play football in the rain

With FIFA World Cup 2018 on, football fever is gripping fans. Let monsoon not play spoilsport. Just step out and play football in the local park and instead of kicking up sand, let rain allow you to go footloose and fancy-free.

Picture perfect

It’s the perfect time for you to experiment with your photography skills. With the rain offering to be the muse, get trigger happy with your camera.

Magical monsoon drives

Long drives must just be an excuse to escape from the hum-drum of life. And if you are driving in rain, it becomes even more alluring. Bengalureans are spoilt for choice as there are a plenty of places that can be visited and enjoyed during the monsoon. To name a few, Jog Falls, the Indian Niagra Falls promises breathtaking views of water gushing down from a height of 253 mt. Amongst the others, Skandagiri, Savandurga and Shivanasamudra Falls are all worth visiting during this season.

Corn on the cob

Take short breaks to recharge by snacking on some pakoras, bhajiyas with piping hot tea or even hot corn on the cob, perfectly flavoured with lemon and spices.

Grill indoors

If you are not in the mood to step out and get wet, then just stay put and grill your favourite food and enjoy the aromas wafting in the air. And if you are a novice, there are plenty of YouTube videos at hand to give you easy tips to cook up an easy meal on the grill while you relax with a book by the balcony with the rain going pitter-patter.