Horror unfolds one night

Horror unfolds one night

Karthik Jayaram

Actor Karthik Jayaram has almost wrapped up the shooting for his project, ‘Aa Karala Rathri’ which is slated to release in the first or second week of July.

The project, says the actor, has given him the chance to learn how to portray intense emotions in a short span. “The story has some very intense moments and strong dialogues. And delivering these called for a lot of hardwork and concentration. I am glad that I was able to devote the required attention to the character,” Karthik tells Metrolife.

The actor elaborates that the incidents in the story happen overnight in a house, tucked in an isolated place in the village. “Aa Karaala Ratri’translates to that horrifying night. How the lives of many people change almost overnight is the heart of the story. I like the way the director has woven the right kind of dialogues and emotions into every character,” adds Karthik.

The character required Karthik to get a makeover done. ‘It’s a story that is set in the 1980s. Every character had to look like someone from that era. I had to grown my hair and moustache too. Most of my costumes are bell-bottom pants and floral shirts with a long collar. The sunglasses too were from that time. I also carry a steel trunk which people carried with them whenever they travel,” he explains. Karthik says that the director has hand-picked the looks for every character.

A substantial portion of the film has been shot in  Mudigere in Chikkamagaluru and in three other locations. “Interestingly, the houses in this village are located at a distance of 1 km. The director liked the setting. He has, in fact, made some modifications to the house by adding a shelter. This was done to suit the requirements,” he says.

The actor says that he was simultaneously shooting for two other films - ‘Puta 109’ and May 1. “I have different looks in all these three projects and the characters that I play are also distinct. Switching among the characters and doing complete justice to them was a task in itself,” he says. The actor also says that while he was expected to look a little bulky for ‘Aa Karala Rathri’’, he had to lose weight for ‘Puta 109’ and May 1. “I went on different diets and did some definite exercises to fit into the characters. That was a challenge,” he says.

In ‘Puta 109’, Karthik slips into the role of a ruthless cop and in May 1 he plays an interesting role of a man who hunts down a ghost. Karthik has also written the script and dialogues for this film. “While the highlight of ‘Puta 109’ is the stern investigative officer who uses his skill and intelligence to crack a complicated case, May 1 has a song that highlights the life and characteristics of Ravana,” Karthik signs off.