KM Chaitanya’s film gains momentum

KM Chaitanya’s film gains momentum

KM Chaitanya

Director K M Chaitanya’s ‘Amma I Love You’ has gathered steam in the second week after its release. So the director has decided to step up the publicity of the film. Chaitanya reasons that the story is different from the usual mother-son saga and effort has also been made to render the music to a different tune. “The moment people hear the title, they think that it is a family entertainer but that’s not true. It is an action-packed and romantic story that will certainly suit the tastes of youngsters,” Chaitanya tells Metrolife. 

The director is thrilled that a lot of Sandalwood actors have taken time off to watch the movie and tweet about it. “Yash, Sudeep, Rakshita and Amulya have tweeted about the movie and that means a lot to us. Although the opening hasn’t been big, the feedback coming thereafter has been excellent,” adds Chaitanya. He says that the contents of the film have been tweaked to suit the local tastes. “We have made all efforts to add a new flavour and dimension to the original script. It is not an exact remake of the original film,” he adds. 

Chiranjeevi Sarja plays the role of a son and the actor says that he thoroughly enjoyed portraying his character which has many dimensions to it. “The opening scene has me getting off an aircraft and how a rich man turns a pauper forms the rest of the story. It also explores the relationship and love between a mother and son.

The film looks at the extent to which a son can go to take care of his mother. This is a strong message that we would like to send out to the youngsters,” says Chiranjeevi. 

If handling the character was a challenge, walking around in tattered clothes, in a scene where he turns a beggar, was an even bigger challenge, says Chiranjeevi. “There are scenes where I have to beg on the streets, eat and even sleep on the pavement. These scenes were indeed a challenge to shoot because we had a tough time keeping the crowd out,” says the actor.

He also says that the character gave him the chance to push the boundaries of creativity. “It’s not always that one gets to play such contrasting roles and I must say that it was an enriching experience because every character has a definite part to strengthening the script,” Chiranjeevi says. He hopes the audience would understand the intent of the story because it is relevant to the times we live in.