On my pinboard: Bickram Ghosh

On my pinboard: Bickram Ghosh

Bickram Ghosh

Bickram Ghosh, Oscar-nominated percussionist and music composer, has many films to his credit. Harsh Chayya’s directorial debut ‘Khajoor Pe Atke’, and Girish Malik’s ‘Band of Maharajas’ are his upcoming projects, where he has done the background score.

He will be also seen acting in ‘‘Band of Maharajas’ alongside Chitrangada Singh.


Shankar Ghosh

"The most influential musician in my life is my father Shankar Ghosh. He was also my guru. He was one of the greatest doyens of tabla. S Sekhar, my guru of Carnatic percussion is another influential musician. And finally, Ravi Shankar, who was not just my guru but I have performed with him for over a decade. In the realm of film compositions, there is again a huge influence of R D Burman. The fusion aspect of his music is what I love. It's rich and global. I had a great opportunity to work with George Harrison in his last album. He influences my way of thinking quite a bit. I admire Zakir Hussain for what he has done with the tabla. There are so many others who have inspired me in different ways in life."


The Godfather

I watch a lot of films. 'The Godfather' is my favourite, when it comes to Hollywood movies. It has one of the best background scores ever in films. In new age films, 'Hidden Figures' tops my list. 'Sholay' is an all-time favourite. Again, the background score of the film is a beauty. Pancham Da was absolutely stellar. I am a huge fan of Shyam Benegal films too. 'Manthan', 'Ankur' and 'Kalyug' are some of my favourite. When it comes to Bangli films, Satyajit Ray films like 'Nayak' and 'Pather Panchali' are classics and I love them. He had such a great influence on world cinema and filmmakers. I have the whole collection of his films." 



"I am a huge Japanese food buff. Sushi is something that I can binge on. The fact that it bland but not boring is the best part of Japanese cuisine. I am also a big fan of Ethiopian cuisine. It is fantastic, very spicy but oh, it's mouthwatering! I am very adventurous foodwise. I can eat with chopsticks as fast as I can with my hands. I have tried everything from octopus to squid. Mughlai and biryani are other dishes I love." 



"I am never bored of travelling. I have fortunately travelled the whole world in the last 25 years. Countries that have interesting histories attract me a lot. Europe and Africa are rich in culture. If the weather is good, it is an incentive for the entire trip. Closer home, Darjeeling will always remain my favourite. Everything about this place makes me feel at home and special."  


The Fountain Head

"I am a bookworm. However, not a fiction reader. There are three books that have changed my life and how I perceive it. 'The Fountain Head' by Ayn Rand. This is one book that I read very early in life. In various stages of my life, I have read the 'Gita' and its umpteen versions, including the Devdutt Pattanaik version, 'My Gita'. Recently I have read a book called 'Solve for Happy' by Mo Gawdat. it is a self-help book on how to rewire yourself."


Dalai Lama

"When it comes to music, I look up to my gurus. Otherwise, Deepak Chopra is someone I admire. Spiritually, Dalai Lama and Buddha, have been a great inspiration. I am not particularly religious but believe in spirituality and admire those who make sense to me."