Say hi to moviestar moms

Roshni and her mother Jyothi.

“A mother’s arms are made of tenderness and children sleep soundly in them,” said poet and novelist Victor Hugo. Sandalwood actors vouch that from guiding them in making decisions to accompanying them to the sets, their mothers have been guardian angels and pillars of support. With Mother’s Day around the corner, Metrolife spoke to a few actors in the Kannada film industry about the special moments they have shared with their mothers.

Roshni Prakash, actor 

“I have had great moments with my mother. She would accompany me to school earlier and now comes with me to sets. I need her around all the time. She is the most positive person I have ever met. She has a green thumb and has taught me the importance of maintaining a garden. She is a social person and loves conversing with people. I have tried to learn this from her.” 

Mom’s strongest traits: “She is a very encouraging person and always insists on everyone being independent.” 

Her not-so-good trait: “Her expectations from people can be quite impractical and I tell her to not do that. She gets really upset with this sometimes.”

Avantika Shetty, actor 

Avantika and Shashikala.
Avantika and Shashikala.

“My mother Shashikala and I share a special bond. I am very different from her but she plays a significant role in my life. I have learnt many things from her including the importance of hygiene and cleanliness. I have heard about her struggles and her success in life has empowered me. Her attitude is different. Back in the day, when my sister Disha and I would fight with other kids, she would scold us for complaining about them. She will never complain about anything, even when she is sick.”

Mom’s strongest traits: “Her positive attitude towards things is what makes her the best.”

Her not-so-good trait: “Her insistence about things, even as small as folding the bedsheet, can be quite annoying. She is just too particular.” 

Sindhu Loknath, actor 

Sindhu Loknath with Shyamala.
Sindhu Loknath with Shyamala.

“Like any other mother, my mom is very supportive. She is also my best critic. Unlike others who highlight the good parts of a project one has worked on, she always points out my flaws first. This used to annoy me earlier but I later realised that she was just trying to bring out the best of me. My mother was a strict person when I was in school but after I turned 16, she opened up to me. She always goes out of her way to strike the right balance. I have tried to pick up this trait from her.”

Mom’s strongest traits: “Her calm attitude and tolerance for things are amazing.” 

Her not-so-good trait: “She can be judgemental sometimes.”

Sonu Gowda, actor 

Sonu Gowda with Sumaja.
Sonu Gowda with Sumaja.

“From taking care of everything in the house to my outfits for the next day, my mother Sumaja is always on the move. It’s when she is not at home that I miss her for the smallest things. Often all of us at home vent out our frustration at her. She calmly listens to everything while she goes about her business. Despite everything we say, she pampers us all. I am what I am because of my mother, be it my dressing style or even how I take care of myself.” 

Mom’s strongest traits: “How she balances everything in life while staying calm.” 

Her not-so-good trait: “She easily gets emotional about things and I keep advising her against this.”

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Say hi to moviestar moms


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