Sriimurali going ‘crazy at the gym’ for next film

Sriimurali going ‘crazy at the gym’ for next film


Sriimurali is known to take his time with his movies. After the success of ‘Mufti’, he has announced his next movie’s title, ‘Bharaate’ which will be directed by Chethan of ‘Bharjari’ and ‘Bahaddur’ fame, soon. In a candid chat with Tini Sara Anien, he talks about the film’s title and more.

What does the title mean?

The film is called ‘Bharaate’, which means someone who makes a noise about something sensible but doesn’t put up with nonsense. The title is most apt for the genre I am trying, which is something that I have not tried for almost 10 years now. 

Is this film also going to be an action-packed one?

The film encompasses varied elements. It will be a very colourful affair and a class-commercial experience.

The film will include family drama, emotions and a lot more. All my fans who loved my performance in ‘Ugramm’, ‘Rathavara’ and ‘Mufti’, will get to see me in a new and different role. 

Tell us a bit about your role.

My character has an unstoppable attitude to everything he wants to do. I play a lovable person.

What is the homework you’re doing?

I have less than 40 days left for the shoot to start. I am shedding weight like crazy at the gym. I workout for almost 5 hours a day, which includes yoga, running, gymming and cycling. 

Aren’t you a foodie? How do you handle the calories?

I eat a lot of greens now. I am on a high-protein diet, which mostly constitutes chicken. Honestly speaking, I don’t feel like eating after slogging like this. My wife has organised people around me to keep a check on my diet and everything. The director and the team have a set look decided for me and I want to do justice to the role.

What are your expectations for the film?

Chetan has done two films which ran for 100 days and I have done three of them. This movie will be a hat-trick for him. I hope the best from the movie. The film has a lot of noise and will make a lot of noise. There is a big suspense element in the film, which will make every movie buff go ‘Wow’.   

Do you ever worry that your pace is slow?

I do feel scared, worried and confused at times and also wonder if I am delaying things. A release date always helps me to forget things. More than anything, I don’t want to rush. I have made mistakes before and I don’t want to depend on anybody. I don’t want to disappoint my audience. I want to go by things that match my vision. I might plan for more releases soon but it will all depend on the script, the team and the production house. The show will go on, is all that I remind myself.

Will the industry see you directing someday? 

I don’t know. I have the capacity to coordinate a team and sync well with them. I am a good team player but I am not sure if I have the patience to direct.