Sriimurali sweats it out for ‘Bharaate’

Sriimurali sweats it out for ‘Bharaate’

One of the looks Sriimurali sports in 'Bharaate'.

Actor Sriimurali has been shooting in Rajasthan for the last 11 days for his upcoming film ‘Bharaate’. The scorching weather has been quite taxing and the actor has been trying hard to conserve his energy for intensive fight scenes. 

“We shot in Jodhpur and other places in Rajasthan.  I never thought an actor would have to put in so much effort into a film but it has been a learning experience, though exhausting. No matter what the work or weather is like, one has to keep going,” he says. 

Sriimurali adds that the fight sequences were quite a challenge. “It is really hot. I don’t know what to do but I am trying not to sulk about it now and am channelling my energy in the right way,” he says.

“The fight sequences were shot in the desert and minute sand particles were entering my eyes and ears, which was annoying. On a lighter note, everyone looked same on the sets when covered in sand,” he laughs. 

Shooting in Rajasthan can be quite different from shooting down South. “There are palaces and forts here which have been transformed into hotels. The place where we are set up has a vintage feel to it; one will not find any four wheelers plying here. There are only autorickshaws and two-wheelers which makes moving our equipment around quite a task,” he says. 

Director Chethan Kumar’s vision promises to transform into something great, according to the actor. 

“We are working on something that will be quite different from any movie seen in Sandalwood.” 

After the shooting in Rajasthan is done, the set will move to North Karnataka, Mysuru and Mandya. “Some songs will also be shot abroad,” he says. 

The actor has followed a strict diet and workout plan for his look in the film. “Meat is not allowed here. I have been eating more vegetables like broccoli and paneer and have been occasionally having sweets too,” says Sriimurali.

‘I play an out-of-the-box role’ 

Sriimurali will play the role of Jagan, a fun loving person who is emotionally attached to his family and love interest. “I haven’t spoken much in my other movies. I play an out-of-the-box role here,” he says.