Student’s biz plan wins award

Student’s biz plan wins award

Sneha Dixit

Sneha Dixit always knew that she wanted to become an entrepreneur. So when the 16-year-old got an opportunity to showcase her talent, she jumped right to it.

Camp BizSmart Global and ecoMUKTI conducted the programmed ‘Discover the entrepreneur in you’. Deccan Herald was the media partner for the event.

Sneha won the event along with a paid scholarship to the Camp BizSmart Alumni accelerator programme at Santa Clara University.

Studying in National Public School, HSR Layout, Sneha’s entrepreneurial journey started when she was in sixth standard.

“My class was divided intro groups and we had to set up a new business. We decided to make handmade greeting cards and envelopes. We put up a stall in school and our parents came to buy our products. I was the CEO of the business and it was much more than what I thought it would be,” says Sneha.

She learnt that being a CEO is not just delegating jobs for everyone but also making sure that everything was in order for the business to work well.

But the Camp BizSmart event was an enriching one. She explains, “We were given a topic and asked to work on it. There were two test cases to choose from. I worked on the innovation for Netflix.” The topic was if Netflix was to come up with a radical new strategy, a new product, what should it be.

“Since there’s so much going on in the virtual reality world, my team and I decided to work towards the next sensible and obvious step – extended web streaming in three-dimensions to virtual reality. So one will have more immersive content that they will be surrounded by.”

The team came up with a model that will put Netflix in a 3-D virtual reality world.

She adds, “We were asked to integrate Netflix’s current business model and work from there. We got to choose our roles and I was the CEO.”

While this has been a learning experience for Sneha, she hopes to finish college and start her own business.