Metrolife: Vasishta’s ‘Kalachakra’ creates a buzz

Metrolife: Vasishta’s ‘Kalachakra’ creates a buzz

A still from the motion poster of ‘Kalachakra’.

Actor Vasishta N Simha cannot ask for more. The artiste whose upcoming movie ‘Kalachakra’ has finished shoot is excited about the motion poster of the movie that released recently.

With more than 30,000 views in four days, the actor expresses his excitement about his role and more.

After playing grey characters in many projects, how different is ‘Kalachakra’? 

I play the lead in the movie, playing two roles which belong to two different age groups. It’s the same person but one look is from the 30s and the other from 60s. The movie revolves around a family and all that occurs after a particular incident happens. How the family deals with the situation is what the movie is about. 

The motion poster of the movie has gone viral...

I am glad it has. The poster gives an insight into my character with many symbolic items like a torch, gun, sand timer, family photo, violin, rose, coffee cup and biscuit plate etc, which will hopefully help create a lot of hype. Social media has a huge role to play in popularising a movie. 

Why is the movie called ‘Kalachakra’?

It means time cycle. 

Tell us a little more about your role...

I play an entrepreneur in the movie. I am husband to a software engineer and father to a young child. This was relatively easier compared to playing the 60-year-old version. Even the younger version is a lot more intense than anything I’ve done to date. There are a lot more emotional scenes and I had to cry a lot. Initially, I went with the scenes but I ended up needing glycerine finally.  

How challenging was the role?

From the way he walks to the way he talks, everything varies. He is a very fit man but there is a certain charisma to the role.

For me to relate to a 60-year-old’s character was a big thing. To learn and deliver the lines for that part took a lot from me. I still remember how I wasn’t happy with the character’s voice and it took me a long while to be convinced with the voice.

How did you train your voice for the role?

I tried at least 5 to 6 different voices before I zeroed in on the one I wanted. I had heard the story of how veteran actor Vishnuvardhan almost strangled himself to get the right voice for ‘Aptharakshaka’.

I tried the same thing and voila! Whenever I dub for a movie, I usually take only one day but I took five days to dub for this movie.

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