We game, play, sleep: Heramba and Hemantha

We game, play, sleep: Heramba and Hemantha

Heramba and Hemantha are the most promising flautists in the Carnatic music scenario today. The twin brothers, born in a musical family, started learning both carnatic vocal and carnatic flute at the age of seven. They recently completed their Engineering in Information Science and are gearing up for upcoming shows.

Our idea of a perfect weekend is very different. Weekends are mostly spent practicing music. Perfect weekend according to us is when we practice and fine tune our flute and vocal skills.

We also make time and visit our hometown Coorg on weekends. Both of us are travel enthusiasts. We are usually left out from family trips, as our concerts are mostly scheduled on weekends. 

Wherever our work takes us, we make sure to explore the place. We were recently in Mumbai, Calcutta and Hampi for a concert. We toured the entire place.

After music, sleep is our next favourite thing. Weekends are perfect as we get to extend our sleep time.

Since we travel a lot, we also need to keep fit. Hence, Hemantha and I exercise regularly. 

Our weekends are busier than weekdays. Growing up in a traditional family, we were never let out to parties. Hence we do not fancy late night weekend parties.

Our busy schedule does not give the luxuries of watching movies and hanging out with friends.  The last movie we watched was ‘Raazi’.Our all-time favourite movie is ‘3 Idiots’. We usually prefer watching comedy and action films over romantic films.

Being twins, we mostly like similar things. But our choices do differ sometimes.

My go-to place is Madikeri and Hemanth prefers Paris. One thing remains the same. Home-cooked rice and curry counts as our all time favourite dish.

Overall, our weekends vary every time. We do not have fancy weekends.

Our weekends are chilled out and meant for completing pending works. Whenever we have concerts, we are busy getting ready to go up on stage.

Weekends without concerts are meant for practice.

A few of my favourite things: 

Listening to music



Playing table tennis

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