Wildcard entry to Bollywood singer

Wildcard entry to Bollywood singer

Akasa Singh

The time has never been better for indie artists in the country”, says singer and performer Akasa Singh, who has gained fame with hits like ‘Kheech Meri Photo’ and ‘Thug Ranjha’. The 24-year-old artiste, who performed at the city’s Shangri-La hotel on Friday, now looks forward to touring and releasing more singles.

Akasa comes from a musical background — her father is a singer and her mother is a kathak dancer. She started her musical career at the age of 17, when she toured with Bollywood singer Mika Singh’s band as the lead female vocalist for four years.

A wildcard entry at India’s Raw Star, she got her big break in Bollywood through ‘Kheech Meri Photo’. In 2017, she released a duet with Puerto Rican singer Ricky Martin, and has made a come back this year with her hit single ‘Thug Ranjha’.

In conversation with Rashmitha Muniandi, here’s what she had to say:

What does music mean to you? What inspires you?
That is hard to put in words. Music is pretty much everything to me. I grew up watching my dad perform and there was music all around, all the time. I’ve always dreamed of being up on stage. Mom says when I was a small child, I used to make up songs in random situations. Like if we were waiting for a bus, I’d sing, “Ta-na-tan bus jaathi hai..”! I’m glad that what was once a passion is what I do for a living today. And not to go for a cliche answer, but my parents are genuinely my biggest inspiration because they made me what I am.

What has been a life-changing moment in your career?
It has to be India’s Raw Star. Even when I toured all around the world with Mika, it was always as part of a band. But Raw Star was where I built my own identity.

What is your favourite part — touring, the studio or meeting the fans?
Touring is definitely the most exciting part for me. Being in the studio is fun and all, but live gigs are where you actually get to connect with the fans. I love being up on stage. 

What is your equation with your fans like?
Till today, every fan I’ve met is special. They make nice things for you, and the love you get is astonishing. I myself have always been a fangirl. To be on the other side of it feels amazing.

What are you fangirling about now?
Currently it is the show ‘Thirteen Reasons Why’. I love that Zach dude, he is very good looking. Music wise, Adele and Beyonce always. I love listening to Arijit Singh and A R Rahman. I can’t choose a favourite band though. I love a few songs by ‘Cigarettes After Sex’, ‘Coldplay’...and so on.

What plans for the future?
Too many plans. After touring a bit for ‘Thug Ranjha’, I will go back to the studio to work on my next single. I would like to do one of those melodramatic songs. But right now, my plan is to binge-watch a list of shows. Unfortunately, apart from singing, my passion is netflixing!

What do you think the future holds for indie artists in the country?
I think it is the best time for indie artists in India. Because finally, after the pop era, artistes are not only concentrating on Bollywood music but are also coming up with their own albums. Indie music is eventually very near to where it should be.

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