'Bengaluru women sport many layers in their hair'

'Bengaluru women sport many layers in their hair'

Yolly Ten Koppel

International hairstylist and hair expert Yolly Ten Koppel recently visited Bengaluru.

While cut and colour is her forte, Yolly regularly works on concepts because she comes up with trend collections worldwide. “I also work out new hairstyles using the latest techniques to make sure that we are in line with trends,” she adds.

She points out that people invest a lot of time on haircare nowadays and a lot of it is being attributed to the internet.

“They see different styles and trends online and like to copy the same. They are influenced by what is available online and hence clients have huge exposure. Hairstyling products are being talked about and clients are ready to experiment with them. Spending on products of high quality and standards are of prime importance to the customer of today,” Yolly told Metrolife.

The observes that current hair trends in Europe that youngsters are sporting nowadays is very short hair with bright colours such as blue, yellow, rose, pink, green, basically a lot of unicorn hair colours.

“With regards to haircuts, while shorter cuts are in vogue, undercuts and a longer nape is commonly seen. Even the 70s inspired mullet layers are a craze at this point. Natural texture is also being widely sported amongst youngsters,” she adds. 

She was impressed to discover youngsters in the city experimenting with different hairstyles. 

She says, “I feel a lot of evolution has taken place over the years. Earlier hair was much longer and simpler with black hair being the main hair colour amongst women. Now things have changed however longer hair is still in trend here. Women sport a lot of layers in their hair, especially long layers. The length of hair has definitely gone shorter than before. Colour has taken over the trend in a big way.”  

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