Chaithra Achar learnt to ride a bullet for ‘Mahira’

From shooting scenes on a narrow bridge to getting drenched in the rain overnight, actress Chaithra found the film to be a learning experience

Chaithra Achar

Actress Chaithra Achar is elated by the positive responses for her recent Kannada film  ‘Mahira’. She sports a bubbly avatar acting as Virginia Roidrique’s daughter in the film.

The young artiste, who dreams of making it big in the industry, talks to Metrolife about the film, her role and more.

About ‘Mahira’ and your role in it.

The film’s script is what impressed me the most. The audition for the film was an interesting experience where I had to act my character’s opening scene.

My role, Aadya, expresses what she feels then and there. She is all fun, yet serious.

Playing it demanded a lot of effort and dedication; I also had to learn how to ride a Bullet. Since I am a theatre artiste, I only agree to do performance-oriented roles.  With experienced actors around, I had to make sure that I met the expectations.

Any interesting experiences during the shoot of the film?

Shooting in the rain was new to me. We had to shoot the entire night. It was my first time getting drenched in the rain for so long, and the biggest challenge was to not shiver when the scenes were being shot. I also had to ride the Bullet on a narrow bridge over a lake; it was quite an experience.

How was the chemistry with your co-actors?

Despite being popular, both Raj B Shetty and Virginia are humble. It was easy to strike conversations with both of them.

I didn’t get a chance to share screen space with Raj, but that didn’t affect our bonding. From films to books, we spoke about a lot of things, and he used to express his views about it.

Virginia and I share a special bond; I still call her Maya (her character in the film). We hung out together and share a lot of things. She is protective of me.

What are the kind of films you would like to be a part of?

I want to work in films that demand performance and have scripts with strong characters. I would like to experiment with roles which are performance-oriented, which would bring out my acting skills.  

Who are your favourite actors?

I love Radhika Apte and Alia Bhatt in Bollywood. Their choice of scripts and how they act is inspiring. In south Indian films, I love the works by Shraddha Srinath and Sruthi Hariharan. I, especially, loved Sruthi’s role in ‘Nathicharami’.  

What is in the pipeline?

My film opposite Ravi Chandran is all set for release. I will also start shooting for ‘Ramanavatara’, starring Rishi, Raj B Shetty and Danish Sait, very soon.


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