Freezing memories in time

Freezing memories in time

3-D casting is a unique way to preserve memories

Cheryl Rodriguez

Cheryl Rodriguez, based in BTM, offers a creative new way to cherish and preserve important moments. She does 3-D life casting, among a variety of other types of art. 

3-D life casting is where impressions of people’s body parts can be cast and preserved along with the memory. “It’s a lifetime memory,” Cheryl says, assuring that it has no expiry date. She does 3-D life castings of babies’ hands and feet, which is one of the fastest moving items.

A fashion designer by training, Cheryl offers this service across the city. If the  impression is of a baby, she and her team travel to the family’s house.

Once an impression is taken, the team takes it back to their workshop and casts it, polishes it, and frames it. The completed artwork can also be customised with a name. Cheryl says that the entire process takes two weeks after which the final product is delivered back to the customers.  Like most businesses, especially because babies are involved, demand for business dropped during the beginning of the pandemic. “Sourcing materials was a big concern, as most shops were closed,” she says.

Now, with adequate precautions in place, orders are coming in again. 

With over two and a half years of experience in 3-D casting, Cheryl is planning to start baby mother photo shoots as well. 

“I love to create memories for others, I feel happy when my customers cherish the art I have created”, she concludes. To book a session call or Whatsapp - 88619 98408