‘I play a girl with an inferiority complex’

‘I play a girl with an inferiority complex’

Actor Radhika Pandit says her latest movie ‘Aadi Lakshmi Purana’ talks about love, family bonding and trust

Radhika Pandit was last seen in ‘Santhu Straight Forward’ in 2016.

Actor Radhika Pandit is becoming a mother for the second time, but that hasn’t stopped her from promoting her latest release, ‘Aadi Lakshmi Purana’. She points out that the film sheds light on relevant subjects that people can connect with. She plays the character of a girl who has grown up with an inferiority complex. Whether the inferiority complex changes her personality and how she overcomes it forms the crux of the story.

Directed by Priya, the story also has Nirup Bhandari playing Radhika’s love interest. In a chat with Metrolife, Radhika talks about her character and the making of the film.

What impressed you about the script? 

I liked the way Priya narrated my character, called Lakshmi. She grew up with an inferiority
complex because she was always on the heavier side. People would tease her by calling her names like ‘dummi’ or ‘ladoo lakshmi’. She soon stopped believing in herself and feels that
she is not good looking, even if someone compliments her. 

Was it easy to slip into your character?

I was curious to know what kind of person Lakshmi would turn out to be. Would the director change her to make her look more glamorous or would she remain the same? These were some of the questions in my mind. But she is not the subject of the movie. The story traces the journey of both Adi (played by Nirup Bhandari) and Lakshmi. The two are opposite characters. Their families are different too. Lakshmi comes from a joint family and Adi’s parents are dramatic. 

On working with Nirup...

I watched ‘RangiTaranga’ and thought it was a great film. Nirup had done a fantastic job. He can pull off subtle emotions and yet make them look real, which is difficult. I also got to see Nirup doing comedy, which he hadn’t done before. 

What did you like most about the director, Priya?

I liked Priya’s energy when she was narrating the script because I could actually visualise the film. She knew her characters well and had sketched them beautifully. Since the narration of the script itself made me laugh, I was confident that it would be a good film.

Three things that you found amusing about Nirup...

- He looks the serious type, but has a great sense of humour. 

- He is accident-prone. He fell at least four or five times during the shoot. Towards the end of the project, we got used to him falling.

- He fits into any frame because of his height.   

Why should one watch the film?

- It’s entertaining.

- The underlying message is about dealing with complexes. 

- You will get to know whether love and lies (the tagline of the film) go together. 

- The film is handled by an all-women crew.