It is tough to make someone laugh or cry: actor Aditi

The actress points out that it is important for the actor to enjoy his or her role to be able to make others laugh

Aditi Prabhudeva

Actress Aditi Prabhudeva is excited that she has had varied releases this year. Seen in the women-oriented film ‘Ranganayaki: Volume 1 — Virginity’ just a month ago, the actress is seen playing a much lighter role in her latest film ‘Brahmachari’.

In a candid chat with Metrolife, she talks about how challenging comedy is, her role and more.

How different was the journey for this film?

‘Ranganayaki’ spoke about the pain and struggles of a rape survivor in an intense manner, while ‘Brahmachari’ focused on some social issues, but with a comic touch.

Tell us a bit about ‘Brahmachari’...

It is a 100 per cent comedy film interspersed with romance. I feel that many films from the past like ‘Anubhava’ and ‘Gauri Ganesha’, draw a connection to this film. The audience will be able to easily relate to all the characters in the film. I play the role of Sunita Krishnamurthy, an innocent yet mature girl who is emotional and lovable. I have some comic moments and will surely spark some smiles among the audience.

Is comedy a difficult genre?

The toughest task while acting is to make someone laugh or cry. No one knows exactly what can trigger these emotions. Comedy is more fun when one can relate to the film’s lines and situations on the screen. When playing the role, the actor also needs to enjoy his or her role to be able to make others laugh.

What are the highlights of the film?

It is difficult to bring together so many different artists for a film. Each of the roles in the film fits the artistes perfectly. ‘Brahmachari’ belongs to the 80s era; people never forget such films.  

How was it to act with Sathish Ninasam?

He is the sweetest, humblest and most talented actor that I have met. I felt comfortable when acting in front of him and he used to boost my confidence with his feedback. I was inspired by him. 

Any memorable moments from the sets?

Several funny and humorous moments happened while shooting ‘Brahmachari’. During many shots, I was struggling to not laugh and just deliver the lines, but my co-actors would try to make me giggle by cracking jokes.

Did you face any challenges while shooting?

I felt pressure in almost every scene of the film. Comic timing for the lines and chemistry between the lead actors was important for this story. 

A good movie is...

One that gives out a message. After watching the film, one should feel like telling others to go watch it. 

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