Many turn to home cooking

Many turn to home cooking

Lockdown helps many discover an appreciation for the art of cooking

People can be more mindful of ingredients when preparing meals at home.

With restaurants being closed, the first three weeks of lockdown in March brought about a change in the food habits for many

Out of necessity, for the first time, many started cooking all their meals at home. Having to cook while managing work from home situation is tough, the situation has turned out to be a blessing for many. 

Akanksha, IT professional, relied on takeaways from restaurants till the lockdown. But ever since she started cooking at home in March, she has found a newfound appreciation for home-cooked meals. 

She says, “Having to cook during the lockdown has actually been a blessing in disguise. I have realised that home-cooked food has a special taste that restaurants cannot create.” 

Financial benefits

In the last couple of months, many have started to believe that cooking is not just about food. They have started to appreciate the art of cooking itself. 

Niharika, college graduate, knew very little about cooking before. She says, “Before the lockdown, I used to think of cooking as a time-consuming chore. Now, I actually look forward to taking out the time to prepare food for myself and my roommates.” 

She’s quite proud of her progress too. “Initially, I used to call my mother for recipes. Now, I have learnt to make a lot of dishes on my own and some are even almost as good as my mother’s!” 

Niharika has also saved a lot of money by cooking at home. 

Healthier option

Eating out every day, no matter how healthy the restaurant food claims to be, isn’t the best option for one’s health. With home-cooked food, one can control the ingredients that go into it and make it as per their liking. 

Shalini, mother of two, says, “Many restaurants use more butter or ghee to make the food tastier whereas, at home, we can do the same without using that extra ingredient.” 

Promise of quality

Moreover, home-cooked food has an additional promise of quality and good hygiene. 

Samriddhi, working professional, says, “In restaurants, we are not always sure of the hygiene practices they follow, but when cooking at home, we know exactly where our food is coming from and how it is cooked.”

She’s been purchasing organic fruits and vegetables online since lockdown.

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