'Mr and Mrs Ramachari' was a personalised movie: Yash

'Mr and Mrs Ramachari' was a personalised movie: Yash

The actor says it is important to strike a balance between what the audience wants to see and what the artiste wants to do

He is best known for his work in Kannada movies like ‘Googly’ and ‘Masterpiece’, that were among the highest grossing movies of 2013 and 2015 respectively.

Naveen Kumar aka Yash has been successful in creating a space for himself in the hearts of many movie-goers. After the mammoth success of his recent film KGF, Yash has made a mark in not just Sandalwood but the entire Indian movie scenario. 

The actor recently partnered with Beardo, a luxury grooming brand for men. Metrolife caught up with the actor during his campaign shoot on Thursday at Unicorn Studios, Uttarahalli.

In a chat with Surupasree Sarmmah, the actor spoke about KGF 2 auditions, his special moment with wife Radhika Pandit on the sets of ‘Mr and Mrs Ramachari’ and more. 

How did it feel to see so many people turn up for KGF 2 auditions?

It is a mixed feeling. I feel happy seeing that so many people want to be part of my film but at the same time, I feel sad that a lot of people are still struggling to get into this industry. I don’t know how to take it, whether to be happy or sad.

KGF has made you popular not just in the south but in Bollywood too. Do you want to make more films like KGF and dub them into other languages or act in movies in other industries? 

I want to take my industry to other markets and have a greater number of audience. That is the reason I have ventured into other industries. Sandalwood has always kept me happy and has given me immense love and respect.

As for working in other industries, I always see a film as an Indian film and not categorise it into Bollywood or South Indian movies.   

The film has set the bar high. Are expectations higher for you now?

Yes, definitely but I enjoy that kind of pressure. It keeps me motivated. KGF had already created a hype here, so to live up to that kind of expectation was a different kind of challenge. For those outside Karnataka, I was a newcomer, so their expectations were less. Now the entire country is looking forward to chapter two, which means more expectations, motivation and more enjoyment.

What are the disadvantages of this kind of pressure?

I don’t see any disadvantages here. I believe one should not try too hard to please their audience; being genuine is the key. However, if I have to talk about the disadvantages of a massive hit, the expectations are higher from other businesses, not the audience. For example, wherever we go to shoot now, they expect a lot of money, whether it is shooting at a hotel or casting someone for the film. They automatically assume that a film like KGF has no financial constraints.    

What about the audience wanting to see you in similar characters in your future?

This challenge will always be there for an actor. But one should always try different things and never settle in their comfort zone. There should always be that surprise element in each character. This will keep the audience entertained. However, it is also important that while we give the audience what they want, we should also do something new. I have always maintained that balance.

You have acted in films like ‘Mr and Mrs Ramachari’ and ‘Mogina Manasu’ with your wife, Radhika Pandit. Which one is your favourite?

I like ‘Mr and Mrs Ramachari’. It was like a personalised film. There were a few scenes that showcased Radhika and my off-screen chemistry. That was the time when we had not disclosed our relationship openly but speculations were rife. At that time, she would complain that I had not even proposed to her. So, in the movie, I dedicated a romantic scene (with the perfect ambience) to her. Radhika was very scared, thinking I am going overboard and misusing my profession. But I was very confident and our director was keen too.  Thankfully, that scene was appreciated by the audience.

Talking about grooming, what is your go-to look, with or without a beard?

With a beard.

But we heard that your wife asked you to shave...

Not just Radhika, but my mother too wants to see me clean shaved. This will go on till we finish KGF 2 (laughs).    

How hard is it to maintain it?

It is not hard if you actually like it. It is important to use the right kind of beard products.  

A few tips and tricks to follow for a healthy beard?

Beard oil is a must to keep the beard moisturised. Using regular shampoo might help but it will make it dry, which looks bad. Go for regular trims to maintain a proper shape. And lastly, invest some time on your beard, it really helps.