New book deals with impact of forced marriages 

 New book deals with impact of forced marriages 

Kamini Kusum

Born and brought up in Bihar, Kamini Kusum, worked in a corporate space for several years before she decided to turn into a full-time author.

Her latest book, 'Gunpoint Groom' is based on the issue of forced marriages that exist among the more conservative societies. The book also explores the issues of inter-state migration, tradition and politics. "Forced marriage has several consequences. Some couples compromise and learn to adjust, some find marital bliss and others end up in a disaster. Having come across several such cases, I wanted to write them down in a book," says Kamini. 

The author has discussed about inter-state migration and how it impacts society in her book. She strongly feels that the boundaries are diminishing as cast, creed, and other barriers are slowly taking a backseat. "For a writer, it certainly gives all the spices for a gripping novel," she adds.

The title, 'Gunpoint Groom' was chosen to create a sense of curiosity, says Kamini. "The reader may guess the basic concept but I am sure they would like to know how the story pans out and understand where the twists and turns occur," adds Kamini.

Kamini says that her interest of becoming an author stems from her childhood habit of reading. "Gradually, this interest diversified into writing. Though, I am a management graduate and have worked for several years in corporate space, my passion for writing just got stronger with every novel that I wrote. My ideas come from people and things happening around," adds Kamini.