Paris-based conservatoryreleases Yoga Day video

Paris-based conservatoryreleases Yoga Day video

Paris-based Carnatic singer from Bengaluru, Bhavna Pradyumna, is all set to release a video where she blends together yoga and music, on June 21, marking the International Day of Yoga.

Bhavna Pradyumna started The Carnatic Conservatory of Paris in 2015, along with her husband, Pradyumna Kandadai.

Bhavna, classical musician and Bharatnatyam artiste, along with her husband, Pradyumna Kandadai started The Carnatic Conservatory of Paris in 2015 with the aim of promoting and contributing to Carnatic music in Europe. To this end, various events are held. The ‘Raga and Yoga’ initiative is one such programme. 

Started two years ago under the Indian Embassy in Paris, the plan was to sing mantras for good health while yogis performed. “It is about bringing universal harmony and brotherhood. This is especially important today as the world struggles to cope with not just the pandemic but many other issues,” says Bhavna.

The previous year, she was able to take this event to four more cities. Here, she was able to perform for people who were listening to Carnatic music for the very first time. The success of the past two years motivated her to keep going. 

“My husband and I got to talking about how we could make a positive impact during the pandemic. We decided to take this initiative and make it an audio one,” she says. 

Surya Namaskar has 12 cycles, giving it a certain rhythm. By bringing the two together, they wanted to blend the count of the rhythm and the mood of the raga. “I recorded a mantra, followed by a raga, which comes to 72 seconds. One cycle would take 36 seconds. We recorded such 12 mantras,” she says.

Music gives a certain flavour to yoga, which in itself is about holistic wellbeing. Music adds to that experience, says Bhavna, explaining the motivation behind this project.

It was after recording that they realised that making a video would allow people to have a more rounded experience. They reached out to yogis across the country to take part in the effort. “I shared the audio with those who volunteered so they could follow the rhythm. We received an overwhelming response from people across the world,” she says. 

“We have had support from many sources. Portugal-based artiste community called EKA [unity], Globe For Change and Association Bindu France Pornichet have helped in publicising the event and getting participants,” she says. 

People from Portugal, France, Taiwan, UAE, Croatia, Sierra Leone, Azerbaijan, Estonia and many other countries sent videos of them doing yoga in front of historic locations or monuments such as the Opera House, Eiffel Tower and Burj Khalifa.

“Two days ago we got a video from Kenya. 30 students had come together for this. We were surprised that we were receiving responses from so many countries,” she says.

H R Nagendra, chancellor, Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana University (S-VYASA University will be releasing the video as part of the International Day of Yoga. Many embassies across the world will also be releasing the video on their social media platforms. The video will be released as part of the Yoga Day event by The Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) at the S-Vyasa University on June 21. 


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