Pradeep Varma’s latest is a tale of adventure

Pradeep Varma’s latest is a tale of adventure

The music director puts in a little extra when acting and directing too

Pradeep Varma (right) on the set on his upcoming untitled film.

S Pradeep Varma donned many hats when he directed, acted and created music for the film ‘Domki Damaar’ in 2017. He acted and was the music director for ‘Adachanegaagi Kshamisi’, which released in May this year. He is now busy helming, acting and making music for a new project titled ‘Mutnodla’.

The new project is a comedy-horror-thriller film. Produced under Shree Bhoomika Productions, it revolves around a robber. He doesn’t have parents and was educated in an ashram. “Though he gets a scholarship to study further, he believes that one should be able to put in less effort and be able to work less, and yet be able to make money. He is a very money-oriented person,” says Pradeep.

“In the film, he finds a treasure, after which his life changes course. The treasure turns into a link to his parents,” he says. 

Bringing together various elements, ‘Mutnodla’ is pitched to be for one and all.

“The film, which is meant to be a mass entertainer, will start off on a comic note, but will move ahead to include suspense elements,” he says. 

In an industry that has seen several thrillers release in the last few years, the movie’s script and strong message will make it stand out, the actor says.

‘Mutnodla’ is topical and right for today’s time, he says.

“Scam text messages claiming that the receiver has won a lottery or that their bank account has been credited with a large amount of money are quite common. Many fall for such devious plans. The film will help people understand that one should not fall for such traps,” he says.   

Managing different roles together can be quite a challenge.

“Music is in my blood and I can do anything with it. Direction and acting were challenging. Perfecting them was important to me. The body language needed was quite different for this role,” says Pradeep. 

“If I am directing or acting in the project, I like to take time but if I’m involved only in the music, I can do as many projects as possible.”  

The film’s shoot started in June and is being shot in Bengaluru, Mangaluru, Chennai and Hyderabad.

“The film has been progressing well. We are trying to rope in actors like Kishore,” he says. 

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