Radhika plays a lawyer in her next

Radhika plays a lawyer in her next

Radhika Narayan

Radhika Narayan is busy winding up the shoot of 'Shivaji Surathkal - The case of Rangagiri Rahasya', an investigative thriller. The film by Akash Srivatsa will see Ramesh Aravind playing the lead.

In a candid chat with Tini Sara Anien, she talks about the projects in hand and more.

Tell us a bit about the film.

The film is like Sherlock Holmes; it revolves around an incident which is being investigated by detective Shivaji (played by Ramesh Aravind).

You play Shivaji's wife in the film...

Yes. I am a lawyer and also the biggest support system that Shivaji has. My character is strong and interesting. For me, it has been wonderful working on this project because of the team.

How was it to work with Ramesh Aravind?

He is an extremely supportive person. He surrenders to the character and is forever ready to do whatever is needed to perfect it. Ramesh sir is a natural and one of the most secure actors I have worked with; it is a learning experience to work with him.

Were you ever apprehensive about working in a thriller again?

I have been thinking more if I should be a part of thriller movies. To be honest, I have refused several offers that came my way. I grabbed this opportunity as I could work with Ramesh sir because of the amount of respect I have for him as an individual and as an actor.

What are the essential elements in a thriller?

A thriller movie calls for a good pace and a strong screenplay. 'RangiTaranga' and 'U-Turn' are both thrillers, but they both entertained audiences differently. One cannot expect a set of audience who loved one thriller to love the other one too. It also depends on how the film engages the audience, the screenplay and how much one gives away or withholds, according to the pace of the movie. If all suspense elements are intact, then the movie experience will be worth the money.

How do you feel this film will change things for you?

As an actor, working with the right team is important. I feel that my contribution to this film has been appreciated. Only time can tell me how this film would change my career. Even if one has worked with the best team and co-actors, it is not necessary that the film will be accepted by movie buffs; it all depends on the audience.

How have things changed since you came to Sandalwood?

A lot. I have realised that people cannot be changed. You only have control over yourself, and I have learnt to not over expect about certain things.

What else is in the pipeline?

Hari Anand's 'Chase' is in the post-production stage now and the team is aiming for a July release. I just wrapped up the shoot of the film 'Mundina Nildana' directed by Vinay Bharadwaj, where I play the role of Meera, an art curator in the film.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

I hope to be involved in the filmmaking process. Hopefully, I will direct or produce a film sometime soon.