Roopa excited about beingconfirmed for KGF sequel

Roopa excited about beingconfirmed for KGF sequel

Roopa Rayappa

Yash-starrer ‘KGF: Chapter 1’ made quite a stir in Sandalwood and introduced many new actors into the film industry. One such actress is Roopa Rayappa, who played the role of Shanthi, a woman who is abducted and forced to work in Narachi (KGF).

Looking forward to playing lead characters, right now, Roopa is quite thrilled as she has been confirmed to be a part of the sequel of ‘KGF 2’.

In a candid chat with Tini Sara Anien, Roopa sheds light on her journey so far.

When did you get the confirmation call?

I got a call about the roll in the beginning of March. The shoot is supposed to start by the end of the month.

Though I do not know the specifics of the role, my character will pick up from where the film ended — after Rocky takes over Narachi. 

How did ‘KGF: Chapter 1’ change things for you? Do you expect it to get better ‘KGF 2’ too? 

The film gave me the platform that I was looking for. I am excited to join the team once again. I am sure the sequel will be much bigger than the last. 
I am looking forward to working with the new set of actors. There might also be big names from Bollywood involved in the second part and I’m sure it will be a great learning experience. The reason I have agreed to be a part of the film is the very fact that ‘KGF’ is identified as a brand now. The hype the film created and its reach were massive. I would rather work on one ‘KGF’ than work on 10 films that do not work at all.  

What were the feedbacks you received for your role? 

Most people are still shocked and amazed by my avatar, especially after seeing what I look like on my social media. Thankfully, there have been many who appreciate me for being open to portray roles that are different from who I am.

After ‘KGF 2’, do you feel that you will be typecast? 

A lot of people haven’t recognised me yet which has worked in my favour. I hope to pass off as a fresh face when looking for other roles. If the team is curious and want to see my work, they always have the grand film to refer to.

As much as I love being noticed for the role, I also love being incognito. I am not scared of being typecast. 

Was it hard to work with director Prashanth Neel?

Prashanth is someone who makes the best out of circumstances for a scene. Once, on the sets of the film, I was walking in the sun and exhausted. I told him that I was tired and he quipped, “Good. You will be able to act the scene better.” He has this distinct way of method acting.

What are the roles you want to be seen playing in the future? 

While I am looking for lead roles, I am alright being cast in a multi-starrer where I have a significant role to play. I would love to do roles like in Tamil movies ‘Aruvi’ and ‘Aramm’, or Kannada film ‘Nathicharami’. 

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