Sanjana makes her Sandalwood debut

Sanjana makes her Sandalwood debut

The actress, who worked with Anant Nag in ‘Weekend’, calls him a warm and cordial person.

Sanjana plays the role of a software engineer in the film.

Actor Sanjana Burli made her Sandalwood debut with ‘Weekend’, which released on Friday. This 18-year-old medical electronics engineering graduate from Ambedkar Institute of Technology is excited that she got a chance to work with Anant Nag in the film. 

In a candid chat with Tini Sara Anien, she sheds light on her role and the film. 

How did ‘Weekend’ happen?

I had sent my profile to many casting coordinators and got the audition call for ‘Weekend’.  Though I was busy then, the audition was happening near my house and so I just gave it a shot. The director Suresh spoke to me for a few minutes.

I auditioned and he immediately chose me for the role. I was super excited to know that Anant sir was going to be a part of the project. 

Tell us about the film. 

I play the role of a software engineer, Anu, who loves being around her boyfriend and his grandfather. Her world revolves around them. It was easy to play Anu, as she was someone I could relate. She is very innocent and doesn’t go off the track. 

Was the role challenging?

Anu rides bikes and shooting for this part was challenging. I ride a KTM bike in the film; it was fun.

Thankfully, I did not have any accidents or mishaps. We did get caught by the police though; for riding without a driver’s license on Saraki Road.

We told the cop that a film shooting was in progress. The police fined Milind (the hero of the film) who was sitting behind and let us go. The song sequences were fun too; we did jet skiing in them. 

How was it to work with Anant Nag?

My very first scene was with Anant Nag and it was quite interesting. I had to get off a bike, remove my helmet, ring the doorbell and hand over a parcel to him.

Though it was a simple scene, either because of too many things to do or the excitement of sharing space with Anant sir, I messed up the scene. We had to do several takes.    

Working with him was magical. I had a different picture of him but he turned out to be warm and cordial. He focuses on one movie at a time. I also observed how he can express a lot just with his eyes. 

Are you nervous or excited?

I have seen the film and I know that it will connect with any age group. I am both nervous and excited. I’ve not seen any Kannada film with such a storyline. I’m here because of my choice and not just by chance. I hope the audience will accept me. 

Since when did you want to be an actress?

I was eight years old when I started saying film dialogues, standing in front of the mirror. As time passed by, I go into mono acting. Soon enough, I knew that wanted to be an actor. I used to surf the internet and read up pointers about how to be an actor.

I had no film background at all. Later I joined a theatre group and acted on the small screen. The film auditions came soon after. 

Was balancing college and shoot schedules difficult?

It wasn’t easy but it wasn’t too difficult too. Attendance can be tricky but I’ve been managing somehow. 

Are there more movies in the pipeline? 

I have already shot for Kannada films ‘Sneharshi’ and ‘Steel Pathre Samaan’. I also have a Tamil film in hand.